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About All Basic Street Signs and Traffic Sign Rules of the Road Safety

About All Basic Street Signs and Traffic Sign Rules of the Road Safety

Whether it is graphics, contours or text, solar signs can be perfectly displayed. It is composed by the logo surface, the logo floor, the solar panels, the controllers and light-emitting unit (LED). The LED light and display the effect, with a variety of flash mode, which gives a strong role of warning and reminding to the driver. We professionally produced the solar signs for many years. It is with good quality of product and with low prices. We will welcome you to purchase.


About All Basic Street Signs And Traffic Sign Rules Of The Road Safety

Product Parameter of street signs and traffic sign


Product Namestreet signs and traffic sign
Item No.Y-TB4
Size600mm*600mm*65mm or 800mm*800mm*65mm
Gross Weight4kg or 6KG
Packing710mm*710mm *165mm or 920mm*920mm*165mm
Minimum Order Quantity1pc
Payment Terms

T/T, Credit card, Visa, MasterCard,Western Union Money Paypal, L/C, 

Escrow(secure payment)

Port of shipmentAll of the inland ports and sea ports


Detail images of street signs and traffic sign

Product Introduction of street signs and traffic sign


Solar LED sign can set to : Continuous Light or flashing light Its main function role is to help strengthen the displayin the rain, snow, fog, night and other  is poor visibility of road environment. Provide accurate traffic signals and ensure drivers drive safety.This road marking led light shiny by solar charge, not only save energy, but also improve the function of road traffic signs. 

1.The shell of it is made of material aluminum so that it has a long life. Besides, it has other features, for example waterproof, sunscreen, rust and weathering performance.

2.It is equipped with solar panels to supply power. It has no special wiring. It sets the flexible location. It is installed fast and conveniently. It can save cost of construction and is no energy consumption. It is applicable to roads, urban roads and all special roads.

3.As we use a good quality of bright LED, so it can be seen outside the 1000M.

4.It is made of Taiwan wafer imported chips. Besides, the light source of LED is so high and can be up to a long life that is 100,000 hours.

5.Super work mode that is it can work continuously up to eight hours in the rainy day!

6.It adopts imported 3M reflective film of the United States, which looks clean and refreshing appearance. And it has good visual effects during the day and reflective excellence at night. We can assure quality of seven years

7.It belongs to all-round waterproofing, waterproof battery cover, waterproof connector, waterproof switch, which can ensure that solar signs can work normally in the rainy day. The level of waterproof is IP58.

8.The graphics or text of product can be customized on the basis of your national standard.

The design principles and purpose of traffic signs:

Traffic sign design is based on the road network, the specific circumstances of the route, the distribution of administrative divisions and the actual needs of the driver to determine the traffic sign of the content, location and support structure of the process. The ultimate goal of traffic sign design is to meet the road user's demand for road information, including the necessary warning and control information, as well as adequate and correct guidance information to improve the safety of driving, so that the driver can accurately and smoothly reach the goal To the ground.

Product Uses of street signs and traffic sign

dot road street signs of names (7).jpg

Shipping of street signs and traffic sign


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