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Traffic Stop Sign With Reflective Film And Aluminum

The material of traffic road control signs plate floor has a variety of specifications type, like aluminum, aluminum-plastic plate, PVC board, galvanized sheet, glass steel plate and so on. It is covered with reflective film on it, which is composed of signs. The content of pattern can be specified by the customer.


traffic stop sign with reflective film and Aluminum

Product Introduction of traffic stop sign

It has very high visibility, which is why stop signs, stoplights, and fire equipment are usuallypainted red. STOP: After seeing this symbol,You must come to a full stop, wherever you find a stop sign. the car must be fully stopped for 3 seconds and then continue to exercise. At this crossroads, cars in each direction must face the STOP sign at the crossroads and stop, that is, who should go first to the intersection.

Product Parameter of traffic stop sign 

Product nametraffic stop sign
Plant materialAluminum plate, PVC plant, aluminum plastic sheet, glass fiber reinforced plastics plate etc.
Reflective material3M Engineer Grade
3M High Intensity Grade
China microprismatic Engineering grade                                               China microprismatic High intensity grade
China microprismatic Super reflective grade
High intensi ty grade
Engineering grade   
Advertisement grade
Engineering grade
Product shape and size                                             
triangle shape( perpendicular height )/mm: 600/750
round shape(diameter)/mm: 600/750/900
Square shape: according to your requirment
rectangle shape(mm):450*600 / 450*1050 / 750*1050 etc.

octagonal shape: 800mm or customized

patternAccording to your needs
Coloryellow  red white blank green blue
Temperature range-30℃ - 80℃
We can customize the signs according to your needs
Please contact us to customize the specifications you need

Detail images of traffic stop sign

My company can customize a variety of types of stop signs.

stop sign.giftraffic sign stop.jpg

stop road sign.jpgstop traffic sign.png

Product Uses of traffic stop sign 

School top Signs.jpg

Shipping of traffic stop sign

different highway signs.jpg

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