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4 Light Traffic Light Avoid Mixed Signals By Learning Basic

The 4 light traffic light's light source used high quality LED lights. LED (leds) and also is a new type light source in development and production . with a small power consumption (current only 10 ~ 20mA), high brightness (light intensity up to tens of thousands of mcd), light source, Small size (minimum diameter of up to 3mm), light weight (a light-emitting diode only zero point a few grams), long life (average life of 100,000 hours) and so on.


4 light traffic light Avoid Mixed Signals By Learning Basic


Product size of 4 light traffic light                


 red stop light.jpg


Product specifications of 4 light traffic light


Product name:4 light traffic light
Item number:Y-JD200 or Y-JD300 or Y-JD400
Sizes of lamp cap200mm, 300mm, 400mm
Light-emitting area:one sides or custom made
LED service life:>100,000 hours
LED color:Red, yellow, green
Working temperature:-20~75°C
Operating humidity:≤95%
Shell material:Aluminium Alloy
Protection grade:>IP65


Product color

LED numbers

Single luminance


Wave length


Angle of view

Rate of work   (W)

Work environment


Shell material

Left and right


Up and down








aluminium alloy








aluminium alloy









aluminium alloy

Detailed introduction of the 4 light traffic light



4 way traffic light.jpg

traffic signal design.jpg

product Category of the 4 light traffic light :

(1) traffic lights by color is divided into red light, green light, yellow light;

(2) According to the function, it can be divided into vehicle traffic signal light, non-motor vehicle signal light, pedestrian crossing signal light, lane signal light, direction indicator light (arrow signal light), flashing warning light and railway level crossing signal light.

Product Uses of 4 light traffic light

                                                                            traffic light system.jpg

Shipping of 4 light traffic light


traffic light colors.jpg


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led traffic lights.jpg

Other knowledge about traffic stop signal lights:

Traffic signal is a large family of many members, there are traffic lights, traffic signs, traffic marking and traffic police command four branches,A total of 340 members.

The most majestic is the flashing traffic lights:

There are traffic lights, direction indicators lights and flashing warning lights and other signals. "Red light stop, green light go, yellow light when not rush out anxiously" is a lot of parents to teach their children the first song, so the traffic lights at the junction is the most famous.

The most varied is traffic signs:

, The blue is the instructions, pointing signs, the green highway signs, signs of the red is prohibited, yellow is the warning signs.

The most simple is the standard line:

, "It" and traffic signs are good brothers, often work together to indicate traffic, signs of traffic signs will see the subject line. Marking also tells people where to park and where to change lanes.

The most handsome is the traffic police command gesture.

When the semaphores, traffic signs, traffic signs and police sign language information inconsistencies, to listen to the police.

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