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Roads Eyes Colour of Reflective Studs on Motorway the Road Markings All Type

The cast aluminum spike combines cast aluminum shell and reflective material composition, so the capacity of standing pressure is more strong, and it makes the life longer. The cost is very high. The cast aluminum spike type of our company is very much, so you can have a variety of options. The products are exported to many countries around the world.


roads eyes colour of reflective studs on motorway the road markings all type

Product Introduction about roads eyes colour of reflective studs 


  1. It’s the time used is more than five years.

  2. Roads Eyes Colour Of Reflective Studs can be used easily with high-performance AB glue or screw.

  3. The reflective bead is a good ring depends on the reflective effect, prism design can make the light more intensive, more uniform gather reflection, improve the visual distance.

  4. The life of the product depends on the quality of the compression. The product in the structural design, material selection and appearance of the formation all has a great breakthrough so that the overall product compression ability is much higher than the international standard.

  5. Roads Eyes Colour Of Reflective Studs is to avoid collision, moisture and anti-ultraviolet, with high temperature and corrosion sand resistance.


Product parameters about roads eyes colour of reflective studs



Product name

roads eyes colour of reflective studs (road stud)

Item number


Product size


Visibility range



Aluminum glass







Mini quantity


Payment term

T/T, Credit card, Visa, MasterCard,WESTERN UNION, MONEY GRAM, PAYPAL, 

L/C, Escrow, etc. 


Detail images about roads eyes colour of reflective studs 


 roads eyes colour of reflective studs.jpg

Shipping about roads eyes colour of reflective studs       


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