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It is also called road stud or road spike, which is mainly used for road warning. It is also known as the highlighting of road signs. It’s a traffic safety facility. It is mainly installed in the middle of the road marking or the double yellow line. It is to remind the driver driving through its reverse reflection performance. According to the material, it can be divided into six kinds: the first is cast aluminum spike; the second is plastic spike; the third is ceramic spike; the fourth is glass ball spike; the fifth is reflective beads spike (it is divided into 21 beads and 43 beads, which can combine plastic spikes inside) 6, mine spike. In accordance with the function, it can be divided into four kinds: the first is the general spike; the second is the solar spike; the third is the tunnel cable spike; the fourth is the wireless spike. According to the number of reflective surface. It can be divided into single-sided spike and double-sided spike. The road spike has a variety of reflectors, for example reflective film, reflective beads, led light, reflective film and so on. The specifications of spike are generally 100mm * 100mm * 20mm, To the maximum, the height of it is not more than 25mm.
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