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App Parking Lock And Parking Barrier Automatic Remote Control By Bluetooth Smartphone

1. A parking lock with two operation modes: mobile App control and Bluetooth automatic sensor control!2. Through the mobile App control to share parking spaces, share your parking space with others. 3. Operation distance, the car can achieve the control distance 25 meters, even can achieve 50 meters control distance. 4. The main components are sealed protection. the high-quality waterproof performance, it can work safely in the water . 5.180 degree anti-crash, which can protect your car not to be damaged, but also to ensure the parking lock safety.


App Parking Lock and Parking Barrier Automatic remote Control by Bluetooth Smartphone

Product show of App Parking Lock and Parking Barrier


 APP parking lock.jpg


Product Parameter of App Parking Lock and Parking Barrier

Item number


Product name

App Parking Lock and Parking Barrier

Quiescent current


Working current


Nominal voltage


Working time of rise and low


Descending Height 


Ascending Height


Control distance


Part weight




Product size


Use temperature


Product Features of App Parking Lock and Parking Barrier

1. A parking lock with two operation modes: mobile App control and Bluetooth automatic sensor control!2. Through the mobile App control to share parking spaces, share your parking space with others. 

3. Operation distance, the car can achieve the control distance 25 meters, even can achieve 50 meters control distance.
4. The main components are sealed protection.  the high-quality waterproof performance, it can work safely in the water .
5.180 degree anti-crash, which can protect your car not to be damaged, but also to ensure the parking lock safety.

Detail images of App Parking Lock and Parking Barrier

parking lock APP.jpgAPP parking barrier.jpg

Product Uses of App Parking Lock and Parking Barrier

APP parking lot lock.jpg

Shipping of App Parking Lock and Parking Barrier

parking lot lock.jpg

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