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Wheel Lock Clamp For Car

car parking trailer tire locks for cars easy to used and waterproof Product Introduction of car parking trailer tire locks 1.This body of wheel lock is small and easy to carry and to save. 2. At present, this wheel lock is the lowest price of the wheel lock on the market, which reduced the costs...


wheel lock clamp for car

Product Introduction of wheel lock clamp for car    


Wheel lock is all steel production, with anti-violence, anti-technology open, anti-demolition wheels, anti-copy keys and many other features. Can easily and firmly lock illegal car tires, thus effectively preventing illegal vehicles to evade punishment. At the same time it operates light, one can operate independently, to the management of law enforcement provided a great convenience. It is a polite and effective control measure for the traffic control department and the property for the illegal parking. At the same time, it also has the characteristics of stable performance, wide range of lock-up, safe and reasonable design, small expenses and no need for the vehicle management department to spend huge sums of money to purchase and use the trailer. At the same time, personal use of wheel locks to prevent theft of vehicles, the tires were demolished, a protective vehicle.

Product size of wheel lock clamp for car               


wheel safety locks.jpg

Product Parameter of wheel lock clamp for car

Product Namewheel lock (wheel lock clamp for car)
Item No.Y-LS1
Product Size480mm*250mm*50mm
Weight N.W.:2kg/piece  G.W.:2.55kg/piece  
Used for7'-15'width types
Single packing size
Minimum Order Quantity6pcs
Recommend use position:front wheel near driving cab
  Packing:6pcs/carton ,1pc/inner box,


Detail images of wheel lock clamp for car

wheel lock trailer.jpg

trailer tire lock.jpg

Product Uses of wheel lock clamp for car

tire locks for cars.jpg

Product packaging of wheel lock clamp for car  

car tire lock.jpg

Shipping of wheel lock clamp for car



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