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Traffic Signals Lights

Traffic Signals Lights

My company's traffic lights, the use of high-performance LED lamp beads, strong light penetration, long distance can see the light, light a long decline. Greatly extend the life of the product. My company is a partner you can rely on.


traffic signals lights


Product show of traffic signals lights

 light traffic.jpg


Product specifications of traffic signals lights


Product name:traffic signals lights
Item number:Y-JD200 or Y-JD300 or Y-JD400
Sizes of lamp cap200mm, 300mm, 400mm
Light-emitting area:one sides or custom made
LED service life:>100,000 hours
LED color:Red, yellow, green
Working temperature:-20~75°C
Operating humidity:≤95%
Shell material:Aluminium Alloy
Protection grade:>IP65


Product color

LED numbers

Single luminance


Wave length


Angle of view

Rate of work   (W)

Work environment


Shell material

Left and right


Up and down








aluminium alloy








aluminium alloy









aluminium alloy

Product Features of traffic signals lightsorange traffic light.jpg

red signal light.jpg

Product Use of traffic signals lightstraffic signal light color order.jpg

Product traffic signals lights


traffic light colors.jpg


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traffic signals lights.jpg

Industry knowledge:

Traffic signal controllers have a variety of communication methods. At present, there are more serial communication, serial communication, four-core telephone communication, and network communication based on TCP/IP protocol.

    Serial communication

    A serial port is a very common device communication protocol on a computer. Most computers contain two RS232-based serial ports. The serial port is also the common communication protocol of the signal device; at the same time, the serial port communication protocol can also be used to obtain the data of the remote acquisition device and send the control instruction to the remote.

    Serial communication installation and debugging is flexible and easy to deploy. So most of the signals are used this way.

    Telephone communication

    At present, there are also a lot of signalers that use the telephone communication method. This method is more convenient in terms of cost. It can use the existing Hutong communication system or deploy it in places where there is no network or optical fiber. 

Telephone communication

    Network Communication Based on TCP/IP

    With the continuous development of networks and digital technologies, the signaling system based on the TCP/IP protocol is becoming the mainstream development direction. The signalling machine based on the TCP/IP protocol has great advantages in installation, debugging, and post-maintenance. The control aspects of management are also more in line with the need for modular design and ease of use.

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