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Traffic Light Timings

Traffic Light Timings

We produce double countdown and three countdown. The product all has a variety of test reports. For the reliable quality and timely delivery, it is be your most assured choice.


traffic light timings

Product Parameter of traffic light timings

Product Nametraffic light timings
Item No.Y-DJS2
Housing MaterialCold-rolled Steel or Aluminum
Operating Temperature-40℃~+80℃
Working Voltage12/24VDC, 85-265VAC 50HZ/60HZ
LED QTYRed 546(pcs);Yellow 294(pcs);Green 336(pcs)
Payment Terms

T/T, Credit card, Visa, MasterCard,Western Union Money Paypal, L/C, 

Escrow(secure payment)

Port of shipmentAll of the inland ports and sea ports


Detail images of traffic light timings

Traffic Signal Light Timing Of Timer (1).png

Shipping of traffic light timings

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The traffic countdown to electrical components requires the following:

     First, power supply and lightning protection device

     Traffic Countdown Mains rated voltage: AC 220V ± 22V, 50Hz ± 2 Hz. The power supply should be equipped with lightning protection devices and power supply filters. When the display of the countdown display starts using the communication mode, a lightning protection device shall be installed at the communication interface.

     Second, terminal and wire

     Terminals should be securely attached and securely connected and should not be loosened without the aid of tools. The inner conductor should have protective measures such as conduits, and the wiring harness should be arranged in order.

     Third, the grounding parts

     A special grounding terminal should be installed in the traffic countdown timer. The accessible metal parts in the chassis should be effectively grounded. Protective grounding wire should use dedicated green/yellow two-color wire.

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