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Traffic Light Pedestrian Crossing

Traffic Light Pedestrian Crossing

The light source is with ultra-high brightness LED imported, which is high brightness and long service life.The shell of light is with a one-time aluminum die-casting and engineering plastics (PC) to inject molding, which is durable.The overall circuit has a regulator tube to protect, so it is safe and long-term. Even if a single LED is damaged, which won’t affect the overall work.The images is with red characters still and green dynamic people. The meaning of display is easier to understand.


traffic light pedestrian crossing


Product Parameter of traffic light pedestrian crossing

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Detail images of traffic light pedestrian crossing

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Crosswalk signal light installation location:

1. Pedestrian crossing signal lights shall be installed on the side of the pedestrian crossing along the extension line of the outer edge along the outer edge, on the sidewalk with a distance of 0.8m to 2m from the curb, and shall be installed on the opposite direction.

2. When pedestrians are allowed to wait for a large diversion area, crosswalk lights should be installed on diversion islands.

3. If there is a junction at the central isolation zone (including the underpass) and the width of the separation zone is greater than 1.5m, a crosswalk signal light shall be added to the isolation zone.

4. In the more concentrated sections of the blind traffic, the crosswalk lights should be equipped with sound reminders.

5. When using the pedestrian button, the installation height of the pedestrian button should be within the range of 1.2m~1.5m.

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