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Traffic Light Crossing

Traffic Light Crossing

My company's traffic lights, the use of high-performance LED lamp beads, strong light penetration, long distance can see the light, light a long decline. Greatly extend the life of the product. My company is a partner you can rely on.


traffic light crossing


Product show of traffic light crossing  

 traffic signals and signs.jpg


Product specifications of led traffic lights


Product name:traffic light crossing
Item number:Y-JD200 or Y-JD300 or Y-JD400
Sizes of lamp cap200mm, 300mm, 400mm
Light-emitting area:one sides or custom made
LED service life:>100,000 hours
LED color:Red, yellow, green
Working temperature:-20~75°C
Operating humidity:≤95%
Shell material:Aluminium Alloy
Protection grade:>IP65


Product color

LED numbers

Single luminance


Wave length


Angle of view

Rate of work   (W)

Work environment


Shell material

Left and right


Up and down








aluminium alloy








aluminium alloy









aluminium alloy

Product Features of traffic light crossing

road signals and signs.jpg

traffic signals and signs.jpg

Product Use of traffic light crossingtrafic signal.jpg

Product Shipping of traffic light crossing


traffic light colors.jpg


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road signs and signals.jpg

Traffic Signals Control Method Editing

It Can be divided into timing control, sensor control, adaptive control.

Timing control

The intersection traffic signal controllers are operated according to a preset timing plan, also called fixed-cycle control. Only one timing plan with one day is called single-segment timing control; one-day timing control based on the traffic volume of different time periods in a day is called multi-segment timing control.

The most basic control method is the timing control of a single intersection. Line control, surface control can also be used for timing control, also called static line control system, static surface control system.

Induction control

Sensing control is a control method in which the vehicle detector is installed on the entrance of the intersection, and the traffic signal timing scheme is calculated by a computer or an intelligent signal controller and can be changed at any time with the traffic information detected by the detector. The basic method of induction control is the induction control of a single intersection, which is referred to as single-point control induction control. Single-point induction control can be divided into semi-inductive control and full-induction control depending on the detector setting mode.

Adaptive Control

The traffic system as an uncertain system can continuously measure its status, such as traffic flow, parking times, delays, queue lengths, etc., gradually understand and master the objects, compare them with the desired dynamic characteristics, and use the difference to Change the system's adjustable parameters or generate a control to ensure that the control effect can be optimal or sub-optimal control regardless of how the environment changes.

1.road cats eyes marking reflective studs has excellent wear resistance that it will not fade even if it is used for many years.

2.It is without leaving traces when tires pass, with self-cleaning ability.

3.With bright yellow or white, it is very compelling, especially in the rainy day, its eye-catching degree is much higher than the ordinary mark.

4.With arc-shaped surface design, it will not hurt the vehicle tires.

5.With ceramic road nails and low cost, it can reduce the cost of procurement .

6.Road Cats Eyes Marking Reflective Studs is easier to install, with strong adhesion.

7.Road Cats Eyes Marking Reflective Studs highlights the road signs and improves the warning performance.

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