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Traffic Light Colors

Traffic Light Colors

My company's traffic lights, the use of high-performance LED lamp beads, strong light penetration, long distance can see the light, light a long decline. Greatly extend the life of the product. My company is a partner you can rely on.


traffic light colors


Product show of traffic light colors        


 red and green signal lights.jpg


Product specifications of traffic light colors


Product name:rtraffic light colors
Item number:Y-JD200 or Y-JD300 or Y-JD400
Sizes of lamp cap200mm, 300mm, 400mm
Light-emitting area:one sides or custom made
LED service life:>100,000 hours
LED color:Red, yellow, green
Working temperature:-20~75°C
Operating humidity:≤95%
Shell material:Aluminium Alloy
Protection grade:>IP65


Product color

LED numbers

Single luminance


Wave length


Angle of view

Rate of work   (W)

Work environment


Shell material

Left and right


Up and down








aluminium alloy








aluminium alloy









aluminium alloy

Features of traffic light colors



traffic signal light color order.jpg

stop and go light.jpg

The mature and efficient urban traffic signal control system can effectively reduce urban traffic congestion and delays in traffic, reduce the incidence and death rate of traffic accidents, reduce energy consumption, improve the traffic environment, and thus produce considerable social and economic benefits. With the rapid development of computer technology and automatic control technology, the traffic flow theory, as well as the continuous improvement of transportation organization and optimization theory and technology, a number of mature and efficient urban road traffic control systems have emerged at home and abroad.

product use of traffic light colors

                                                                            traffic lamp.jpg

Product shipping of traffic light colors


traffic light colors.jpg


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Modern traffic signal requirements and future

The modern urban traffic signal control system is no longer the only control of traffic signals at intersections, but rather integrates traffic signal control at intersections, signal control in urban areas, and control of urban expressways and freeway traffic signals. The increasing traffic demand and traffic pressure require us to comprehensively utilize various new theories and new technologies to innovate and develop traffic signal control systems.

(1) To develop bus priority. Give priority to the development of rapid public

In order to ensure and realize public transport priority on hardware facilities; to develop a priority traffic signal control system based on radio frequency identification technology, and not to develop a public transportation priority signal control system based on global positioning system as far as possible for security reasons.

(2) To study the characteristics of China's transportation in depth, especially focusing on the characteristics of heavy mixed traffic and large numbers of bicycles, research and develop efficient adaptive control models and optimization algorithms.

(3) System development should be standardized and modularized. Standardization can break the traditional closed situation, attract more businesses and power input

To the development of the system; to achieve equipment commonalization, the introduction of competition with the industry to promote the development of better traffic signal control system; Modularization is conducive to the development and upgrading of the system.

(4) The control method must be intelligent [83]. To make full use of the artificial intelligence, automatic control, information fusion, computer and communications technologies that have developed in recent years, fuzzy control, neural networks, genetic algorithms, chaos theory, and expert systems are applied to the actual control system. Taking full advantage of information from multiple sources, fully considering the non-linearity, ambiguity and uncertainty of the traffic system, truly realizing intelligent traffic control.

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