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Solar Led Road Stud Reflectors Aluminum Shell On A Motorwa

Solar Led Road Stud Reflectors Aluminum Shell On A Motorwa

The intelligent road studs lights colours on a motorway is the best choice for road signs. It lights by itself and can be seen more than 1000 meters away, which provided drivers with driving warning and greatly improved the safety and visibility. Our company has many types of solar spikes. We attach great importance to the quality of product.


solar led road stud reflectors Aluminum shell on a motorway

Product size of solar led road stud reflectors                

solar led road stud.jpg


Product Parameter of solar led road stud reflectors



Product name:

road stud (solar led road stud reflectors

Item number:

Y-D3-4S (single side)

Y-D3-4D(double side)

Product size:


Solar panel:

0.2W single crystalline silicon solar cell

Shell material:



1.2V/600mAH NI-MH, resistance to high temperature cell

Work time:

One fully charged 8 hours,can work more than72 hours

Display usage:

flicker 90±10times/minute

Display color:

Red, yellow, blue, white, green

LED numbers:

2LED lights

4 LED lights

Visual range:

>500 meters

Working mode:

Light- operated

Rev control light intensity:

Front lighting<500Lux

Designed life:


Work environment:

-30°C ~ 70°C

Waterproof grade:


Anti-pressure ability:

≥20 tons.

Weight :



2pcs/inner box 50pcs/carton

Packing size:

Inner box:12*12*5.5cm

Carton size:37*30*27cm


Detail images of solar led road stud reflectors


solar road stud lights.jpg

road reflectors.jpgroad marker.jpg

Product Uses of solar led road stud reflectors

cat eye reflector.jpg

solar led raised pavement markers as consumables, there are still the following problems, which is the direction of future technological development:

The quality of solar led raised pavement markers can be divided into several categories.

1. The structure of solar led raised pavement markers is not compressive, because the design structure of solar led raised pavement markers does not conform to the mechanical structure of the rolling of the vehicle, resulting in a significant reduction in the life of the solar led raised pavement markers after rolling.

2solar led raised pavement markers solar panels are not compressible. Under the current technology, the solar panel's compressive performance is not high, but if the combined technology of the main body of the solar pavement markers is relatively good during production, the probability of the solar panel being crushed can be greatly reduced.

3. solar pavement markers batteries are not resistant to high temperatures. Mainly refers to the battery life will be greatly reduced in the case of high temperature, the surface temperature in the Middle East in the summer at 70 degrees, while the ordinary application of solar pavement markers temperature within 50 degrees. The

4.solar pavement markers are not waterproof, which means that the solar pavement markers are used in outdoor thermal expansion and contraction, and there will be gaps in the joint parts of the solar pavement markers. In winter, rainwater will infiltrate the solar pavement markers and freeze, resulting in greater Gap, and then more water will enter the solar pavement markers, and affect the life of solar pavement markers.

Product packaging of solar led road stud reflectors

road spike.jpg


Shipping of solar led road stud reflectors



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Raised pavement marker.jpg

China's plastic Raised pavement marker have a load-bearing standard of 16 tons, while the US ASTM D4280 test standard (hereinafter referred to as the American Standard) has a compressive value of only 2727 kgf (approximately 2.7 tons). China's solar Raised pavement marker have a load-bearing standard of as much as 20 More than tons. This is determined by China's special national conditions.

 In some domestic roads, especially highways, there are three congenital unfavorable conditions that determine the compressive value of plastic Raised pavement marker, which must be much higher than the standards of developed countries in Europe and America. First, some domestic roads not only have large traffic volumes, but also have overloaded and overloaded vehicles. These poor transport conditions require that plastic road stud installed at the edge of the road or at the boundary line must have high compressive values. Second, the driving habits of some domestic truck drivers also make plastic road stud must have high compressive strength. Plastic road stud are used to indicate road boundaries. They are not part of the load-bearing functional layer and cannot withstand heavy pressure. However, on highways, there are few drivers who can obey the traffic rules, move on the same line, or do not pass. In the tens of tons or even hundreds of tons of truck overload, accelerated overtaking rolling, the general plastic road stud simply can not withstand the impact. Third, manufacturers of domestic plastic spikes, due to the cost and pressure of the production process, they will only go to production according to the lower limit of the standard technical indicators, which makes the standard makers have to choose higher indicators when determining the compressive value.

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