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Solar Led Road Markers

The solar powered led road studs reflectors markers is widely used in road safety. Our company can provide all kinds of solar spikes. We focus on doing good quality products. We have been with the trading experience for five years.


solar led road markers

Product size of solar led road markers                 

solar powered driveway markers.jpg


Product Parameter of solar led road markers     



Product name

solar led road markers

Item number



(single side)

(double side)

Product size


Solar panel:

single crystalline silicon solar cell,0.3W

Shell material:

German bayer bulletproof PC.


1.2V/600mAH NI-MH, resistance to high temperature cell.

Work time:

one fully charged can work more than 120 hours or 8 days on bad weather.

Work duration time

Under the normal standard, one bask 8 hours, can   work 72 hours.

Display usage:

flicker   (90±10times/minute) shining for a long time.

Display Color:


LED numbers:

3 LED lights

6 LED lights

Visual range:

>800 meters

Working mode:

light- operated

Life of design:

>3 years

Work environment:

-30°C ~ 70°C

Rev control light   intensity:

front lighting<500Lux

Waterproof grade:


Anti-pressure ability:

the static pressure>20tons.

Weight :


Packing :

2pcs/inner box, 60pcs/carton

Detail images of solar led road markers           

solar driveway markers.jpg

solar led raised pavement markers.jpg

solar driveway markers.jpg


Product Uses of solar led road markers      

flash of reflected light.jpg


Shipping of solar led road markers



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In recent years, various road safety facilities and products with high scientific and technological content have been well received by the industry in the national road safety projects. The extensive application of these traffic safety facilities and products has played an important role in improving road traffic safety and reducing traffic accidents. Has received widespread industry attention.

We not only hope to establish long-term cooperation with you, but also hope to be your good partner. We will help you to gain more market share and make more profit. Choosing us means choosing a profession, choosing quality, choosing a service. Our main products are exported to western countries, North America, the Middle East, Asia and other parts of the country. The high-quality products and services have won a good reputation in the industry. We can according to the special needs of product design and development, tailored to customers with reasonable configuration, cost-effective solar energy traffic safety equipment supplies.

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