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Solar Led Raised Pavement Markers With CE Certification

Solar Led Raised Pavement Markers With CE Certification

1.cast aluminum housing materials of the road studs lights :high compressive strength silicon aluminum. 2.shock resistance, can stand the impact from the car tire. high and low temperature resistance. 3.the solar led road stud resistance to corrosion of salt and sand,waterproof, heat-resisting, high temperature resistance anti UV. it can flash 180 hours or light 40 hours after fully charged. 4.super waterproof, through special technology to seal the solar cell panel, electronic components and led in the shell, can be used in. 5.import single crystal silicom solar panel, it also can be charged under rainy day, snow and other bad weather condition. 6.the solar led reflective road studs light service life is 3-5 years.


solar led raised pavement markers with CE Certification

Product show of motorway lane lights


reflective stud colours on motorway.jpg

Product Parameter of raised pavement markers



Product name

solar led raised pavement markers

Item number

Y-D3-2D(double side)

Y-D3-2S(single side)

Product size


Solar panel

single crystalline silicon solar cell,0.2W

Shell material



1.2V/600mAH NI-MH, resistance to high temperature cell.

Work time

one fully charged can work more than 120 hours or 8 days on bad weather.

Work duration time

Under the normal standard, one bask 8 hours, can work 72 hours.

Display usage

flicker (90±10times/minute) shining for a long time.

Display Color

red, yellow, blue, white, green,

LED numbers

3 LED lights

6 LED lights

Visual range


Working mode

light- operated

Life of design

>3 years

Work environment

-25°C ~+ 75°C

Rev control light intensity

front lighting<500Lux

Waterproof grade


Anti-pressure ability

the static pressure>15 tons.




2pcs/inner box                            60pcs/carton

 carton size: 380*255*295 MM 

Mini quantity


Payment term

L/C or T/T

Detail images of road reflector lights

catseye road stud.jpg

highway code cats eyes.jpg

Product Uses of amber lights on a motorway

led solar markers.jpg

Product packaging of led solar markers

solar powered driveway markers.jpg

Shipping of highway code cats eyes

solar led reflective road studs light working (1).jpg


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solar driveway markers.jpg

China & USA road studs standards and testing:

First, on the issue of standard staples;

In the United States the standard spike applies ASTM4280, we have largely in the development of standards has been referenced to ASTM4280, in some items even more than the United States standards, such as due to heavy vehicle overloading, The requirements exceeded the standards of the United States. Moreover, the revision of the domestic standards for spike standards was advancing with the times and basically achieved the goal of seeking truth from facts. Therefore, the standard issue is not an important issue.

 Second, on the detection problems

A, China's testing methods are roughly divided into three categories:

1, the sample test, that is only responsible for the sample;

2, the bulk testing, that is only responsible for the quality of this batch of goods;

3, the factory inspection, to understand whether there are machinery and equipment, whether there is a sound system, and issued a volume production permit.

B, the United States testing methods are divided into two types:

1, the sample sent to test, this is almost the same with the country;

2, outdoor installation of experimental observation (Field Testing), which is different from China is also the article to focus on the introduction of a focus.

a. The first is the choice of experimental standard sections, the following conditions:

①, the free passage of the road;

②. During the testing, road pavement without any maintenance construction,

(3) The traffic volume is 35000 times,

Then install a specified number of spikes on it.

b. Outdoor observation

Spike mounted on the road for two years, six months to observe once, for the spike shell, the reflector surface, the reflector internal observation, and the observation results are divided into five levels,

5. Excellent, complete, as new;

4. Good, small scratches

3. Moderate, with obvious flaws, but still play a role;

2. Bad, serious damage, weak effect;

1. Very poor, totally useless.

Then test its luminous intensity.

c. report

1, once a year observation report, two years out of the final report, and then report to the government, the report includes the following:

①. Spike photos

②. The average traffic flow at the laboratory

③. Large truck ratio

④. Rainy day data

⑤. High and low temperature data

⑥. Laboratory data

⑦. Laboratory comprehensive description

⑧. Type of binder

⑨. Outdoor observation data

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