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Reflective Studs On A Motorway

Reflective Studs On A Motorway

The glass cats eyes road markings has strong reflective ability,which can be reflected 360 degree. It’s with strong anti-pressure, low cost, cost-effective and strong adaptability, which is a good choice for you. We can heavily produce the glass spike, so we will welcome to your order.


reflective studs on a motorway

Product size of reflective studs colour           

reflective studs colour.jpg


Product Parameter of motorway cats eyes

Product name:Glass road stud(reflective studs )
Item number:Y-D4-1
Product size:50mm*100mm
View distance500m
Compressive capacity20 tons
Reflective range360 degree

Detail images of reflective studs colour

reflective eyes.jpg

road studs colours.jpg

Product uses of reflective studs colour

colour of reflective studs on motorway.jpg


Shipping of reflective studs colour



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Spike life is so short, why install on the road, it makes sense?

Spike in the United States is a regular replacement, as many as two years, ranging from one year, a group of new spikes will be installed before the road nails, because the spike is consumables, installed in the road center spike, It is damaged to a large extent.

To put it simply, the American pegs change their diligence and are regularly replaced. No matter whether the spike is broken or not, regular new spikes are installed on the front and are bright forever. Therefore, the spike is trusted and loved in the United States. Whether in the United States in the highway, country lane, or the campus highway, regardless of the roadside line or the midline, as long as the car there is a way to spike. Later, with his counterparts in the United States, the drivers in the United States have formed such an idea that they should look at the marking during the day and look at the nails at night. That is to say, the spike is the standard line at night, and its importance is the same as that of the standard line. Americans are deeply trusted and loved by the spike.

In the context of China's increasing emphasis on traffic safety, the demand for spikes in our country has also risen dramatically. The use of spikes on roads is also becoming more common.

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