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Pedestrian Crossing Traffic Light

Pedestrian Crossing Traffic Light

The light source is with ultra-high brightness LED imported, which is high brightness and long service life.The shell of light is with a one-time aluminum die-casting and engineering plastics (PC) to inject molding, which is durable.The overall circuit has a regulator tube to protect, so it is safe and long-term. Even if a single LED is damaged, which won’t affect the overall work.The images is with red characters still and green dynamic people. The meaning of display is easier to understand.


Pedestrian Crossing Traffic Light


Product Parameter of Pedestrian Crossing Traffic Light

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Detail images of Pedestrian Crossing Traffic Light

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Pedestrian signal indicator

  (1) No pedestrian indication signal

  If there is no pedestrian traffic light at the signal-controlled intersection, pedestrians can pass the green light of the appropriate vehicle traffic light.

  (2) Static "pass" signal

  The static traffic instructions indicate that pedestrians are not allowed to pass, but pedestrians who have entered the crosswalk can continue to pass.

  (3) Blinking "forbidden" signal

  The flashing “forbidden” indication indicates that pedestrians are not allowed to pass, but pedestrians who have entered the crosswalk can continue to pass.

  (4) The static “forbidden” indication indicates that the pedestrian pass period has ended and the traffic flow in other directions is about to pass.

  (5) symbolic symbols

  Allow symbolic symbols to be used as pedestrian signals, such as a green pedestrian pattern for “pass” and a red hand for “forbidden”. Some of these symbols have become common pedestrian signals in the world. However, some countries do not use such symbols and adopt white and orange pedestrian patterns.

  (6) Flashing "pass" signal

  A flashing “pass” signal (green flash) warns pedestrians that there may be a turning vehicle that conflicts with their route. The green flash time is the time required for pedestrians to pass through the crosswalks. During the green flash time, pedestrians can pass through the road safely.

  At present, China's signal light control does not have an express provision for the green flash time, which means that the significance is different. For example, the green flash time in Nanjing is generally only 5~8S. It means that the pedestrians who have not entered the crosswalk are prohibited from passing. The pedestrians who have entered the crosswalk step up. This practice is problematic. In fact, if the crosswalk is relatively long, in the absence of a central green belt or a stop zone, too short green flash time cannot protect pedestrians from crossing the street.

  (7) Pedestrian lights under the control of flashing lights

  When the traffic lights are blinking, the pedestrian signal is required to be off (ie no signal is indicated).

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