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Pedestrian Crossing Lights

Pedestrian Crossing Lights

The light source is with ultra-high brightness LED imported, which is high brightness and long service life.The shell of light is with a one-time aluminum die-casting and engineering plastics (PC) to inject molding, which is durable.The overall circuit has a regulator tube to protect, so it is safe and long-term. Even if a single LED is damaged, which won’t affect the overall work.The images is with red characters still and green dynamic people. The meaning of display is easier to understand.


pedestrian crossing lights


Product Parameter of pedestrian crossing lights

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Detail images of pedestrian crossing lights

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Pedestrian signal light form:

   The pedestrian light is generally a double combination lamp, and the light-emitting unit has a translucent surface of 300×300 mm or a diameter of 300 mm. There are two basic forms:

   1 The combination of red standing pedestrians and green walking pedestrians' lamps, the above is a static red person, the following are dynamic green people;

   2 countdown module and red and green people combined lamp, the above countdown, the following is red and green people compound;

   Pedestrian lights should be installed vertically, and the order of the signal lights should be red and green.

   The pedestrian light signal indicates:

   1 When pedestrians are allowed to pass a pedestrian crossing when the green light is on;

  2 When the red light is on, pedestrians are prohibited from entering the crosswalk, but if they have already entered the crosswalk, they may continue to pass or wait at the road centerline;

   3 Countdown display: The green figure is the time remaining for pedestrians crossing the street; the red figure is the time for pedestrians to cross the street.

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