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Motorway Slip Road Cats Eyes

We will provide you with many types of cats eyes reflective road stud colour . The high-quality products is our belief. Almost all of our products have been praised by customers. Our customers are all over the world.


motorway slip road cats eyes

Product size of motorway slip road cats eyes                

reflective amber studs motorway.jpg


Product Parameter of motorway slip road cats eyes

Product namemotorway slip road cats eyes
Item numberY-D1-1
Product sizeL100mm*W100mm*H20mm
Visibility range500m
Mini quantity100pcs
Payment term

T/T, Credit card, Visa, MasterCard,WESTERN UNION, MONEY GRAM, PAYPAL, 

L/C, Escrow, etc. 


Detail images of motorway slip road cats eyes     

road reflective markers.jpg

reflective road studs.png

Product Uses of motorway slip road cats eyes

road reflective studs.jpg

motorway slip road cats eyes.jpg

Product packaging of motorway slip road cats eyes 

colour reflective studs on motorway.jpg

Shipping of motorway slip road cats eyes



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traffic safety products china.jpgSpike road stud meaning of use:

Although I attended the Traffic Safety Conference in the United States this spring, and despite having been in the spike industry for 15 years, the number of road spikes used in the United States is so large and the scope is so wide that it has strongly shocked me, whether at high speed Roads, country trails, or campus roads, regardless of the roadside line or the center line, as long as there is a car where there is a spike. Later, with his counterparts in the United States, the drivers in the United States have formed such an idea that they should look at the marking during the day and look at the nails at night. That is to say, the spike is the standard line at night, and its importance is the same as that of the standard line. Americans are deeply trusted and loved by the spike. Road studs, also called the photoelectric bump road sign, is a clear, eye-catching adjustable active flashing glittering sight induction signs, continuous layout to form the glowing lane contour, not only plays an excellent role in guiding the warning, but also to add beautiful Landscape. It is mainly installed on the curbs or tunnel walls and along the side walls of entrances and exits of highways, tunnels, approach road shoulders, roundabouts, security islands and underground parking lots. Americans love it because it has an important safety effect on the safe driving of the vehicle. Its use can greatly reduce the incidence of traffic accidents.   


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