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Motorway Coloured Studs

Motorway Coloured Studs

The color of the glass road studs can have a variety of options and is colorful.It is strong resistance to, which can up to above 20 tons. It is with low prices and good reflective performance. We look forward to becoming your partner in China.


motorway coloured studs

Product size of motorway coloured studs  


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Detail images of motorway coloured studs

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 Reflective glass road stud imitate the traffic lanes or re-cursor lines on roads, deceleration belts, reflective demarcation lines, and subdivisions where subgrade highlights require special night indications. Through the reflective function of glass reflective motorway studs, it functions as a warning and annotating glass. Road reflective markers are matched with roads at all levels to enable the driver to recognize the route when driving, and the road signs and markings are embedded in a caterpillar in a dark or under bright road condition to guide the driver's vehicle correctly, so that the night road is reflected by the cat's eyes. With the addition of brilliant color light, it has the same safety effect as the sun shines. The glass reflective cat eyes can also be combined with the deceleration zone. It has good warning and reminding functions for the driver. It is unmatched by ordinary markings and spikes. High life, high strength, and high weather resistance are worth promoting.

Product Uses of motorway coloured studs

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