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Manual Parking Barrier From China Factory

Manual Parking Barrier From China Factory

Parking Lot Lock Barriers Systems can bear beyond 5T.The color is bright and shinning, which can catch one’s eye.It is with import spray paint, which is not easy to fade.The replaceable rocker: If rocker arm or support base is damaged, you can remove the bolts and replace.


manual parking barrier from China factory

Product size of manual parking barrier 


 Reserved Car Locked In Parking Lot Lock (4).jpg

Product Parameter of manual parking barrier

Name manual parking barrier
Item No.Y-SCS1-5-2
Colorgray+red reflector
Thickness of steel 2mm

or 8pcs/carton
Accessories1 padlock + 6 screws
For the accurate shipping cost,please contact us. 


Detail images of manual parking barrier

manual bollards.jpg

manual parking barrier.png

car parking pole.png

manual parking locker.png

parking barrier post.png

installation steps of manual parking barrier

The installation position of the parking lock is generally installed at 1/3 of the middle entrance of the parking space, and the installation conditions are required to be on the flat surface of cement. If the residential parking space is a tile or color brick floor, the thickness of the brick is required to be more than 5 cm. If the requirements are not met, prefabricated concrete can be installed in advance. The prefabricated area is determined by the external dimensions of the parking lock.

Installation tools: power supply with dozens of meters, electric drill (bit 12 or 14), hammer, nut socket, tape measure, expansion screws (m10 * 10 or m10 * 8) and so on.

installation method:

1, using a tape measure to make a good position and then correct

2, connect the power, first use the drill to align with the screw hole gently hit a mark, and then take the unlocked hole in the imprint, the drill to get positive, the depth should be about the length of the screw.

3、Set the lock from the new position, insert the screw into the insert with a hammer, and tighten with a nut sleeve.

Product Uses of manual parking barrier

Reserved Car Locked In Parking Lot Lock (2).jpg

Product packaging of manual parking barriers


manual parking lock.jpg

Shipping of manual parking barriers


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