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Led Traffic Lights Manufacturers

Led Traffic Lights Manufacturers

My company's traffic lights, the use of high-performance LED lamp beads, strong light penetration, long distance can see the light, light a long decline. Greatly extend the life of the product. My company is a partner you can rely on.


led traffic lights manufacturers


Product show of led traffic lights  

 traffic light to color.jpg


Product specifications of led traffic lights


Product name:led traffic lights
Item number:Y-JD200 or Y-JD300 or Y-JD400
Sizes of lamp cap200mm, 300mm, 400mm
Light-emitting area:one sides or custom made
LED service life:>100,000 hours
LED color:Red, yellow, green
Working temperature:-20~75°C
Operating humidity:≤95%
Shell material:Aluminium Alloy
Protection grade:>IP65


Product color

LED numbers

Single luminance


Wave length


Angle of view

Rate of work   (W)

Work environment


Shell material

Left and right


Up and down








aluminium alloy








aluminium alloy









aluminium alloy

Product Features of led traffic lights

traffic light order of colors.jpg

colours of the traffic light.jpg

Product Use of led traffic lights

                                                                            traffic lights to colour.jpg

Product Shipping of led traffic lights


traffic light colors.jpg


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traffic light stop.jpg

Traffic knowledge

Traffic rules for crossroad traffic lights:

One, no traffic light

At intersections without traffic lights, the vehicle on the right in the forward direction has the right of way. Need to give priority to the right vehicle.

Second, there are traffic lights

1, turn right vehicle

At intersections with traffic lights, vehicles turning right need to ensure priority right of vehicles going straight.

2. Left turn vehicle

When the two-way traffic lights are all green lights, the left-turned vehicles need to first make the straight-ahead vehicles go first.

3, traffic lights around the island

When encountering some large loops with traffic lights around the island is relatively simple, you only need to follow the requirements of traffic lights.

4. When entering a roundabout, it is necessary to avoid the vehicles that have already traveled around the island, and to take full responsibility for accidents that do not allow vehicles in the way.

Through the simplification of lengthy legal provisions, a rule is summed up. There are intersections for traffic lights: Turn left and turn right. Let's go straight ahead! At intersections without traffic lights: Take the right car first! Of course, make the straight ahead. This is ok. Right of way is more than we talk about, but there is no way to make rules. We need to respect the rights of others, so that road safety can be guaranteed.

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