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Intelligent Parking Lock Smart From China Wholesale

My company specializes in the production of remote control parking lock and manual parking lock, the company has 10 years of production and marketing experience. We pay more attention to product after-sales service. Hope you can reach a cooperation, but also become long-term friend.


intelligent parking lock smart from china wholesale

Product size of intelligent parking lock             


parking lock remote control.jpg

Product Parameter of intelligent parking lock 

Item numberY-YCS2-3-2-T
Product name intelligent parking lock 
Use time while full charge3Months
Nominal voltageDC6v
Working current3.5V
Running time up and down5s~6s
Control distance≤30mm
Environmental temperature-20°C ~+55°C
Gross weight11kg
Net weight8.2kg
Payment Terms

T/T, Credit card, Visa, MasterCard,WESTERN UNION, 


 L/C, Secure payment, etc. 

Port of shipmentSupport all of ports


A variety of power modes of intelligent parking lock 

parking lock remote control.jpg

Detail images of intelligent parking lock 

parking lock remote control (2).jpg

Product Uses of intelligent parking lock 

Parking Lock Remote Contro (3).jpg

The intelligent parking lock package  

Parking Lock Remote Contro (4).jpg

parking lock development trend

The most advanced parking lock on the market today is a smart parking lock.

Intelligent parking lock is the development of remote control parking spaces lock.

Parking lock before most of the mechanical manual, the car out of the parking spaces need to get off the parking lock bar prop up or down, and then locked, the use of very inconvenient, if it is rainy days encountered in outdoor parking spaces, then even more Trouble. Manual parking lock has no anti-collision function, if accidentally hit the parking lock, the car is very easy to hurt, parking lock is also very easy to damage.

In order to solve this problem, manufacturers after years of research and development of the remote control plus electric lift parking lock, the owner do not get off sitting in the car remote control parking lock lift, the basic solution to the trouble of getting on and off.

Remote control parking lock is a remote control of the robot can be moved up and down the mechanical device, which is easy to use and in line with people's habits

After , the parking lock manufacturers and on this basis to more convenient and practical direction of research and development. Such as "charge one year use", 360 ° collision avoidance, the whole waterproof remote parking lock function. These features are the future trend of parking lock development, but also the most advanced parking lock on the market.

Therefore, the ultimate direction of the remote parking lock is: lower power consumption, lower standby current, the use of dry battery-powered, if can do more than a year only for a battery, the user will generally accept. But parking lock is a common phenomenon is the battery life cycle only a few days, some even ten days, such a high charging frequency, no doubt increased the user's trouble. Therefore, the battery life of more than a year of parking lock has an urgent market demand.

the intelligent parking lock shippment                                                                                     

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