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Cats Eyes On The Road Colours

Cats Eyes On The Road Colours

The glass cats eyes road markings has strong reflective ability,which can be reflected 360 degree. It’s with strong anti-pressure, low cost, cost-effective and strong adaptability, which is a good choice for you. We can heavily produce the glass spike, so we will welcome to your order.


cats eyes on the road colours

Product size of cats eyes on the road               

cats eye road markers.jpg


Product Parameter of cats eyes on the road

Product name:Glass road stud(cats eyes on the road)
Item number:Y-D4-1
Product size:50mm*100mm
View distance500m
Compressive capacity20 tons
Reflective range360 degree

Detail images of cats eyes on the road

cats eyes on the road.jpg

cat eyes on road.jpg

Product uses of cats eyes road markings

coloured studs on roads.jpg


Shipping of cats eyes road markings                                                                                          Feedba                                                                                                          


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colour of cats eyes on road.jpg

More about the cats eyes road markings:

The most important standard of mainstream beauty is eyes, very bright.

Do you know what is the name of the spike? The cat's eye is cats eye, the cat's eyes are not bright during the day and bright at night. There are rows of bright spikes on the road at night. It is the eyes of the highway where your watchman is safe.

The most important standard of the mainstream spike, too, is the same as being very bright.

Why the peoples (or traffickers) around the world are so distracted or infatuated with Hepburn (or Spike) because of the brightness of her eyes (or spikes) that draws her attention.

Not particularly bright, there is no charming spike.

Dow nails brightness index of what is the reflection coefficient is 0 degrees angle of incidence, 0.2 degrees observation angle, the brightness of about 800mcd. At present, only plastic total reflectors can be achieved in the world.

The glass ball nails reflective coefficient pass line is only 80mcd.

A difference of ten times.

Of course, everybody knows that it is a consumable, and that the midline only allows the spike to work for a year. When the borderline makes it work for two years, we will change the new one. If the spike is working less than one year in the midline and less than two in the borderline Year, it loses its bright luster, that is its quality problem. The test method that I introduced in "Sino-US Comparison of Spike" is the test method to ensure the quality of spike. But if time does not change, it is your management problem.

Would rather Road nailed brightness, do not nail spike span

This is also the mainstream thinking of the current world of spike management.

Their goal is to keep the eyes of road safety at their brightest working conditions, allowing driver friends to drive in a more comfortable and pleasant environment.

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