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Cats Eyes On The Motorway

Cats Eyes On The Motorway

The glass cats eyes road markings has strong reflective ability,which can be reflected 360 degree. It’s with strong anti-pressure, low cost, cost-effective and strong adaptability, which is a good choice for you. We can heavily produce the glass spike, so we will welcome to your order.


cats eyes on the motorway

Product size of cats eyes on the motorway              

amber reflective studs motorway.jpg


Product Parameter of cats eyes on the motorway

Product name:Glass road stud(cats eyes on the motorway)
Item number:Y-D4-1
Product size:50mm*100mm
View distance500m
Compressive capacity20 tons
Reflective range360 degree

Detail images of cats eyes on the motorway

red reflective studs.jpg

blue cat eyes.jpg

360 ° glass reflective glass studs as raw material, by the two different diameters of the glass hemisphere combination of exposed ground for the hemisphere, receiving light incident in any direction, 360 ° reflective effect within the same. It has the advantages of strong surface hardness and abrasion resistance. The protruding part is semicircular spherical with no corner and the traffic is smooth. The vehicle prompts vibration when it passes through the lane at high speed. Repeated contact with the vehicle does not affect the reflective effect. In the production process after grinding, polishing, surface finish optical grade Ⅲ-Ⅳ, with self-cleaning, cleaning function, do not leave dust, do not set sediment, do not need cleaning.

360 ° glass reflective spike with efficient, safe, energy-saving advantages, widely used in various types of road safety facilities.

Reflective no dead ends. Critical section warning function, for sharp corners, dangerous road with 360 ° reflective guidance.

High visibility. Special road guide, 360 ° glass reflective spike, in the rainy day due to the reflective line is flooded lost reflective effect, the fog visibility is still low, still able to maintain the reflective effect.

Special sections, in dimly lit tunnels, reduce illumination by 50% or in case of power failure, the same to maintain a full range of reflective effect, to remind the driver cautious.

Complex road safety tips for the urban roads (triangle crossing), complex junctions, community access, underground parking, and guide the driver safe driving.

Product uses of cats eyes on the motorway

cats eyes on motorway colours.jpg


Shipping of cats eyes on the motorway                                                                                          Feedba                                                                                                          


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