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A Road Reflective Markers Lights On The Motorway For Driveways

My company has been working to make better transport products to improve driver safety during driving. This high-quality solar cats eyes, high brightness, can give the driver eye-catching visual reminder. Long life, pressure wear, is your best choice.


a road reflective markers lights on the motorway for driveways

Product show of road reflective markers lights              


reflective road markers.jpg

Product Parameter of road reflective markers lights



Product name

road reflective markers lights

Item number

Y-D3-2D(double side)

Y-D3-2S(single side)

Product size


Solar panel

single crystalline silicon solar cell,0.2W

Shell material



1.2V/600mAH NI-MH, resistance to high temperature cell.

Work time

one fully charged can work more than 120 hours or 8 days on bad weather.

Work duration time

Under the normal standard, one bask 8 hours, can work 72 hours.

Display usage

flicker (90±10times/minute) shining for a long time.

Display Color

red, yellow, blue, white, green,

LED numbers

3 LED lights

6 LED lights

Visual range


Working mode

light- operated

Life of design

>3 years

Work environment

-25°C ~+ 75°C

Rev control light intensity

front lighting<500Lux

Waterproof grade


Anti-pressure ability

the static pressure>15 tons.




2pcs/inner box                            60pcs/carton

 carton size: 380*255*295 MM 

Mini quantity


Payment term

L/C or T/T

Detail images of road reflective markers lights

cat eyes for roads.jpg

cats eyes driving.jpg

Product Introduction of road reflective markers lights

  1. The road reflective markers lights can flash 180 hours or light 40 hours after fully charged.

  2. super waterproof, through special technology to seal the solar cell panel, electronic components and led in the shell, can be used in.

  3. import single crystal silicom solar panel, it also can be charged under rainy day, snow and other bad weather condition.

  4. the road reflective markers lights service life is 3-5 years.

  5. the road reflective markers lights easy operate , to install with epoxy glue or screw.

  6. various colors, brighten the street, beautify the city.

  7. combine with high-performance AB glue, waterproof level IP68, can flash under the water.

  8. high grade LED light , service life can up to 50000 hours.

Product Uses of road reflective markers lights

solar spike.jpg

Product packaging of road reflective markers lights

studs on motorway colours.jpg

Shipping of road reflective markers lights

solar led reflective road studs light working (1).jpg


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reflective lights on the motorway.jpg

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