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Why Traffic Lights Choose Red Yellow Green Three Colors
Jan 15, 2015

In the traffic signal, red represents prohibition, yellow represents warning, green represents traffic, and traffic lights use red, yellow, and green. Because the three colors are properly identified and distinguished at night or at night. The red light's red light penetrates strongly and can be transmitted very far. It is cloudy and rainy. The heavy fog or windy weather can also be seen clearly. And red indicates fire and blood, and it has a warning effect. Therefore, red is used to indicate stop. In addition to being easily identifiable, green symbolizes distant mountains, green trees, and rivers. It gives people a sense of security. Green represents safety and peace. Therefore, green is used to indicate traffic. Yellow is a warm color and is soft. It can give people a slowing and slowing effect. Therefore, the yellow light has the effect of indicating that people should wait.

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1. Why use color instead of other signs: Color selection is fast, the driver's eyesight is low, and the earliest traffic lights are used.

2. Why use red, yellow, and green: Three colors can represent more traffic states, red, green, yellow and blue are cultural meanings in which antagonistic colors are not easily confused and red and yellow are guarded.

3. Why the order of traffic lights is from left to right and from top to bottom: the bigger ones may be consistent with the sequence direction in culture, consistent with the direction of our language habits, and consistent with the direction of most people

4. What methods can be used to avoid color blind people from driving? Fix the position, change the brightness of the traffic lights, put blue in the green

5. Why some lights need to flash and some do not need to flash: indicate the driver's traffic status, do not need to blink; alert the driver need to pay attention to the front of the traffic state, need to blink

6.Why the flicker can attract attention: The color has a high recognition rate in the central visual field, and the edge visual field recognition rate is low; the blinking and other motion information has a high recognition rate in the edge visual field.

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