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Wheel Lock Method Of Use Is What The Steps
Mar 20, 2014

   Remote control parking lock is a typical representative of parking lock and automation technology. Its traditional manual parking lock has obvious advantages compared to all the locking and locking process can be done by remote control, do not need Manual manual operation, so that people can save a lot of time at the same time, bring a lot of convenience.

   When the owner approached the parking spaces when the vehicle, only a series of operations on the remote control, you can achieve automatic locking of the parking lock. When you press the down button, the parking lock will automatically drop, this time, the owner will be able to drive into the parking spaces, and then press the remote control button in the rise, then the parking lock will automatically rise, the vehicle will be strong Lock the prison to protect the vehicle will not be stolen.

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   Of course, the use of wheel locks in the car out of the parking position, we can still be a lock up to protect the parking spaces. At this time, the same, only need to press the up button on the remote control, the parking lock will automatically rise, so that owners of parking spaces will be completely blocked, any other vehicle can not enter, so As soon as parking spaces are occupied by other vehicles, the situation can be successfully avoided.

   In contrast, the remote control parking lock than the manual parking lock, with a more convenient mode of operation, whether it is for the parking lock to rise, or the parking lock to drop work, do not need the owner personally hands-on operation, Just need to press the corresponding button on the parking lock supporting the remote control gently, you can effortlessly complete these procedures, which is very beneficial for the owners.

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   Because today's people are generally in a very fast pace of life, their time is very valuable, so they do not have time to carry out excessive manual locking and operation. The birth of the automatic parking lock in Russia and Japan has solved many difficult problems for people not only to save them a great deal of time and effort in unlocking jobs and to allow them more time to devote themselves to other tasks, Operation is also very simple and convenient, basically used once again will not be forgotten.

    In general, remote parking lock is a very advanced and very practical tool for modern vehicles.

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