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Wheel Lock Classification
Mar 12, 2014

Clip wheel lock

   Clip-type wheel locks with double rows of marbles, the pressure side column locking structure, to overcome the traditional upper and lower marbles or when the row of marbles and other unbreakable technology to prevent the fatal weakness. Is the cheapest wheel lock on the market today. Car lock is not affected by the diameter of the tire, fool-type operation. All four wheels are free to lock. Wheel lock using stainless steel structure, anti-sawing, anti-shear, anti-beat; using a precision cylindrical computer-coded cylinder to ensure safe anti-theft; lock as long as the pull rod movement, automatic locking. Suitable for all kinds of small, medium and large cars.

wheel chock lock.jpg

Suction wheel lock

   Wheels lock the car quickly and accurately, the inside of the lock body affixed with black slip rubber. Car lock will not damage vehicles and tires. Wheel lock with the principle of mechanical linkage structure, special key and shaped crank, with double insurance mechanism; using high-quality steel and high-strength stamping, user-friendly design, will not damage the locked wheels. Wheel lock design is safe and reasonable, the quality of performance and stability, lock a wide range of vehicles, flexible and convenient operation and so on. Double insurance, you can firmly lock the car wheel; user-friendly design, will not damage the locked vehicle tires; management departments to deal with illegal, illegal vehicles provided a great convenience. In addition, the wheel lock is also the best choice for vehicle anti-theft, which can effectively prevent criminals from using electronic code to steal vehicles. Wheel lock products using the most advanced anti-theft technology features built-in anti-theft alarm function, in case of violent disassembly or strong vibration will issue ultra-powerful (120 dB) alarm sound, to prevent the force of the pry-off effect, Deter and deter man-made damage.

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Big fork wheel lock

  Thrusting and durable big three-wheeled wheel lock weight of 55 pounds, very clumsy generally take two people to operate Caixing. Because bulky is also very durable.

   Large lock for trucks over 5 tons of large trucks, trucks, dump trucks, trailers and other large vehicles, lockable wheel diameter 900-1500cm, free telescopic to adapt to different tire diameter vehicles. Such as: dump trucks, container trucks, containers, hawthorn heavy truck trailer, and large container trucks, buses and other large trucks. Designed for high-powered vehicles to create a special wheel lock.

   Trident locking car safety performance, the overall performance of a solid, bearing strength, strong locking, the lock body is very solid, can withstand any smashing tools without causing damage to the lock body. Wheel lock body appearance for electrostatic spray, internal rust treatment, eye-catching colors, convenient and flexible operation, beautiful and practical. Structure using the best mechanics, the design for the three claw fixed, square cover in the nail shield wheel close at the same time, the use of locking device, you can lock the wheels firmly locked. Three thick rectangular tubes are used on the material. The square plate of the nailing cover is made of double-layer 5MM high-quality steel plate and the weight of the lock is 26KG, which is durable. Constructed with a unique three-claw fixed and retractable tire locking device can be locked heavy vehicles tire diameter, including 900mm, 1000mm, 1100mm, 1200mm, 1300mm. Double insurance mechanism designed, special crank and imported rectangular lock with the use of indispensable. Need to work with two more quickly within a minute can be a heavy vehicle firmly locked.

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