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Wheel Lock
Mar 07, 2014

   Best wheel locks is made of steel plate, with anti-violence, anti-technology open, anti-dumping wheels, anti-copy keys and many other features can easily and securely lock the illegal tires, thus effectively preventing illegal vehicles to avoid punishment, while it is light, Can operate independently, to the management of law enforcement provided a great convenience. It is a polite and effective control measure for traffic control departments and properties for parking illegally. At the same time, it also has the characteristics of stable performance, wide range of lock-up vehicles, safe and reasonable design, small expenses, and no need for vehicle management departments to spend huge amounts of money on the acquisition and use of trailers.

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The role of wheel locks for cars

   Avoided unnecessary disputes caused by the trailer, thus reflecting the principle of "civilized law enforcement and efficient management". Car lock with double insurance, not only for the city patrol, urban management, road regulation, parking, property and other departments to use, but also for all types of private car anti-theft protection.

1, the wheel lock is also the best choice for the security of private vehicles, especially when the user's vehicle parked in a less secure place, use it to lock the outer tire. The lock is exposed and the target is clear. Thieves do not smash, pry or saw in crowds or other unwieldy tools in broad daylight. Therefore, for car owners, the car with this lock is the safest.

2, the wheel lock is a car body lock, the wheel lock is generally locked in the driver's seat on the front wheel, than the car lock has a more pronounced deterrent, you can firmly lock the car's tires, while the human design is not Will be damaged car tires, law enforcement agencies to deal with indiscriminate discharge of illegal, illegal vehicles provided a great convenience. To prevent car owners to escape illegal punishment! No need to spend huge sums of money on the use of trailer means to avoid unnecessary disputes caused by the trailer. Showing the polite and effective control methods of law enforcement agencies for illegal vehicles, thus embodying the principle of "civilized law enforcement and efficient management" and reducing or eliminating the manpower and resources of law enforcement departments; helper.

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Wheel lock performance

1. Anti-cut anti-sawing, high-strength steel calcined steel, with the most powerful scissors and saw it is very difficult to destroy the lock.

2. Clamp wheel shell, integrated with the vehicle, if violent damage to the car lock, it will touch the original vehicle alarm system built-in alarm.

3 special crank, even if the destruction of the first heavy-duty lock, it can not break through the spiral fixed clamp arm. Lock exposed, than the car lock has a more pronounced deterrent, in itself can make thieves stop, but also to prevent the possibility of theft in the car outside the action.

Left and right arms for the double protective rubber, rubber ring, will not damage the locked tires.

5. Easy to use, lock / unlock with 10-15 seconds, convenient and quick. And short and real lock body can be placed in the car is not particularly occupying the site.

6. If the needle is forcibly moved when the needle, the needle will pierce the tire to prevent the forcibly start the vehicle.

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