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What Are The Requirements Of The Traffic Signal For Technical Parameters?
Jul 06, 2015

Traffic lights are silent "traffic policemen." The red light is a stop signal, and the green light is a traffic signal. At the crossroads, cars from several directions are gathered here. Some of them need to go straight and some must make turns. Whoever wants to go first is to follow the command of the traffic lights. The red light is on. It is prohibited to go straight or make a left turn. The vehicle is allowed to make a right turn without disturbing pedestrians and vehicles. The green light is on, allowing the vehicle to go straight or make a turn. The yellow light is on and stops at the intersection stop line or pedestrian crosswalk. When the yellow light is flashing, warn the vehicle to pay attention to safety.

      Traffic lights use light-emitting diodes (LEDs) as light source signals. Under the rated voltage of AC 220V, the power of a single light-emitting unit does not exceed 25W.

      The rated working voltage of the traffic signal power supply is: AC220V, 50Hz; when the power supply voltage fluctuates in the range of AC220V±44V, 50Hz±2Hz, it can work normally.

      Traffic lights technical data and related requirements:

      Luminous intensity is: red, yellow LED diode luminous intensity is greater than 600mcd, the use of ultra-high brightness four-element LED as light source, in line with the international industry two anti-static (esd-2000) standards. The luminous intensity of the green LED tube is greater than 6000mcd, and it is encapsulated by the US CREE chip. The light color complies with the provisions of GBI14887. Color requirements: red 625nm, yellow 590nm, green 505nm.

      Traffic lights use four-lamp combination. The red, yellow, and green lights are full-screen lights and digital displays. Full plate arrangement is intensive. The service life of the LED is not less than 80,000 hours. The visible distance of the LED signal light is not less than 1000 meters. Single lamp power consumption is less than 10 watts, working voltage AC180-260, no color change. The PCD board uses a rigid printed circuit board made of a flame-retardant material and is tin-plated. The coating is not oxidized and the thickness is more than 1.8mm. Each lead of the light emitting unit adopts a wire conforming to the national electrician standard and has a wire diameter of not less than 1.5 mm. All vital components were subjected to an aging test and electric parameters and light parameters were tested separately.

      Traffic signal lighting entrance has reliable insulation, waterproof and dustproof measures to ensure that the road traffic lights are not lower than the required IP53 protection level.

      Shell structure, beautiful appearance, strict sealing, moisture, dust.

      1. Traffic lights must comply with GB14887-2003 (Technical Requirements and Test Methods for Road Traffic Signals).

      2. The technical indicators of traffic signals are detected by the Ministry of Public Security's Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and have corresponding inspection reports.

      3, traffic lights lens made of high transmittance polycarbonate, 10 years of service life.

      4. Silicone rubber material is used for all seals in traffic lights. During the 10-year trial period, aging and hardening do not occur at high and low temperatures.

      5, working voltage: AC220V ± 44V 50HZ ± 2, power ≦ 12W.

      6. Wavelength: Red 625nm Yellow 590nm Green 505nm.

      7, the ambient humidity: -40 °C -70 °C, relative humidity ≦ 93%.

      8, the viewing angle ≧ 35 degrees visual distance ≧ 1000m.

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