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U-type Parking Lock Installation Method
Nov 21, 2014

 U-type parking lock: 

It is a swing-type remote control parking lock, which is one of several kinds of parking locks that are differentiated according to the shape.

"U" type: it is a rocking type remote control parking lock, rising state is a big U word, this parking lot lock is relatively large, more eye-catching, good appearance, using 12V7AH maintenance-free battery power supply, with general waterproof performance , waterproof height 4CM, general flush parking lot, etc. will not be a problem, but the open-air use is not ideal.

parking lock with M type.jpg

The installation position of the parking lock is generally installed at 1/3 of the middle entrance of the parking space, and the installation conditions are required to be on the flat surface of cement. If the residential parking space is a tile or color brick floor, the thickness of the brick is required to be more than 5 cm. If the requirements are not met, prefabricated concrete can be installed in advance. The prefabricated area is determined by the external dimensions of the parking lock.

Installation tools: power supply with dozens of meters, electric drill (bit 12 or 14), hammer, nut socket, tape measure, expansion screws (m10 * 10 or m10 * 8) and so on.

Installation method: 

1.with a good tape measure placed position and then correct

2.connect the power, first use the drill to align with the screw hole gently hit a mark, and then take the unlocked hole in the imprint, the drill to get positive, the depth should be about the length of the screw.

3.Set the lock from the new position, insert the screw into the insert with a hammer, and tighten with a nut sleeve.

parking lock with U type.jpg

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