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Transport In The East China Sea To Strengthen Security Of Snow Transportation
Aug 16, 2013

      On the early morning of the 4th, a heavy snowfall will come on schedule with a minimum temperature of -5 ℃ in the morning on the 5th and a minimum temperature of -7 ℃ to -8 ℃ in the morning on the 6th. There will be icy roads that have a serious impact on transportation .

       In view of the poor visibility of the road during snowfall and the prolonged icing on the road after snowfall, it will have a serious impact on traffic travel. In order to ensure the safe and smooth road in Donghai County and timely start the weather emergency plan for disaster in the East China Sea, Transport safety and security work. On the one hand, it organized more than 200 road maintenance, emergency bases and highways, and worked overtime to salt and remove snow to insurance bridges and insurance sections, aiding in manual cleaning and eliminating dangers. Actively urge the transport management department to strengthen the safety management of passenger vehicles, requiring passenger transport enterprises to immediately start the "rain and snow frozen weather driving plan," requiring passenger vehicles in advance by car to check the vehicle condition, to ensure that the brake force distribution is balanced, not partial brake, reduce tire pressure and increase the tire And the ground contact area, and decelerate slowly, in serious cases should cease operations, and effectively ensure traffic safety.

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       Blizzard around the general public to bring no small impact. In the face of snow, public security traffic control in our province, maritime affairs, airports and other departments to actively respond, to ensure that the province's road traffic safety and smooth.

     In Nanjing Ying days Avenue elevated, we see at this time the traffic flow is larger, in order to ensure the smooth passage of vehicles, Nanjing traffic police department sent more than police diversion, command traffic.

     Nanjing Traffic Management Brigade cavalry squadron Qin Zhiyuan mobile police brigade told reporters that patrolling process, if there is a large area of water nodes, one is to inform the bridge management to handle, and then we proceed with the initial disposal, try to exclude these points Off

     Yan'an Road, Xinjiekou, Nanjing, although very cold weather, but in order to facilitate the public travel, urban management staff, sanitation workers and volunteers, but also the night went to the streets, fighting snow.

     Nanjing Overseas Chinese Road Street City Law Enforcement Squadron squadron leader Zhou Bo said that we are 24 hours a day, as long as the snow is still there, then all of us will work overtime.

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      In the face of heavy snow, the highway departments in our province quickly assembled emergency support teams and snow removal equipment to fully guarantee the smooth flow of the roads. In the normal high-speed Lanshui to Ma On Shan section, the reporter saw the large-scale snow removal machinery in the road vehicles under the guidance of the road is paying close attention to clearing the snow. From the provincial road network, the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed Suqian, Huai'an section, the Changshengnan section of Nanjing Expressway, even the Huzhou Expressway Xuzhou section, Kai Yang Expressway Nantong, Taizhou section and some high-speed sections to take a control measures, speed 40 km / Hour, limiting the bus, hazardous chemicals and three super vehicles pass. There are also some sections of the speed limit of 60 km / h and 80 km / h and other different levels of traffic control.

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