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Traffic Signal Control Common Performance Indicators
Jul 20, 2015

The traffic signal control system is generally composed of vehicle detection facilities, computer hardware facilities of the traffic control center, computer software such as traffic model and optimization of traffic signal timing, signal control machines, and information transmission lines on urban roads; Ramp signals, variable information signs, etc. Traffic signal control commonly used performance indicators are as follows:

First, delay time

Delay refers to the difference between the time required for a vehicle to travel without the obstruction of a traffic signal and waiting queue and the actual travel time. The total delay for all vehicles at the intersection entrance is called the total delay. The average delay for each vehicle at the intersection entrance is called the average delay.

Second, the travel time

Travel refers to the sum of the time required for a vehicle to pass through a road section, including the delay caused by parking. The travel time is measured to grasp the traffic condition of the entire route or a certain section of the route. Based on this indicator, it can be determined whether the bottleneck location on the measured route and the signal control system timing plan are appropriate.

Third, capacity or saturation

Passage capacity refers to the maximum number of vehicles that pass through the entrance stop line within a certain period of time under actual road conditions, traffic conditions and control conditions; saturation refers to the ratio of the actual arrival traffic volume to the capacity. Under certain road conditions, the capacity of signal control junctions is affected by the signal period. In the normal cycle length range, the longer the cycle time, the greater the capacity, but the vehicle delays and fuel consumption will also increase. Moreover, when the saturation level is relatively small, the increase in the pursuing capacity of the layout will only unnecessarily increase fuel consumption and vehicle delay, and it will not make much sense for the intersectional traffic efficiency.

Fourth, the vehicles that pass through the intersection need to stop, start times and fuel consumption.

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