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Traffic Police Detachment In Order To Do A Good Job In Winter Road Traffic Accidents Prevention, Will Take What Measures?
Mar 22, 2013

1, improve the police mechanism, strengthen pavement control

On the basis of strengthening the analysis and judgment of the traffic safety situation and identifying the weak links, the detachment further improved the police mechanism and maximized police strength. Police should be put into dangerous road with frequent accidents, especially to strengthen traffic safety management of main roads such as Zhuanglin Road, Shenying Road and Binhai Road, scientifically arrange road service at night, midnight and other pavements to ensure patrolling density and timely detection of Eliminate potential safety problems, strict control of the road surface and prevent serious traffic accidents.

2, improve law enforcement methods, strike at illegal activities

The detachment further improved the law enforcement methods to ensure that the word "strict" was taken as the first priority and the passenger vehicles operated by the jurisdiction were strictly checked. The strict implementation of the "six musts" requirements on key vehicles such as passenger cars, school buses, tourist charters and dangerous goods vehicles , Strictly investigate and deal with overcrowding, overloading, speeding, fatigue driving, drink driving, driving without a license, involving card-related evidence and other illegal activities. At the same time, give full play to the role of science and technology equipment, rigorous investigation of various types of traffic violations. Use sufficient legal means, so that when the punishment is fine, when the deduction is deducted, improve the deterrent effect of crackdown.

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3, to strengthen departmental collaboration, enhance emergency response capabilities

In winter, ice, snow, fog and other harsh weather occur frequently. The detachment continually consummates contingency plans, actively strengthens its cooperation with the meteorological department, grasps the changes of bad weather in time, and sends early warning messages to the vast majority of pilot friends through SMS platforms and other means Through such measures as whistle, propaganda and police car lane, drivers are reminded to turn on the fog lights, control the speed of driving and organize the temporary control and guidance of roads to ensure the safe and smooth road traffic. In the event of an accident, the system can respond promptly and promptly coordinate departments of road transport, rescue and first aid to participate in rescue operations so as to prevent secondary accidents and prevent traffic jams.

4, check the road hidden dangers, increase the problem rectification

Detachment of police forces on the road traffic safety risks "look back", has been identified all kinds of road accidents hidden dangers point of supervision, coordination of safety supervision, highway, traffic and other relevant departments of the dangerous road rectification. Warning signs should be added in time to dangerous road sections that are difficult to rectify in a timely manner to remind the passing vehicles and pedestrians of the safety and effectively eliminate hidden dangers of traffic accidents. In addition, the urban traffic lights, signs and other traffic safety facilities simultaneously carried out a special investigation, improve the markings and other road traffic safety facilities to ensure that the urban traffic infrastructure intact, set up science, traffic efficiency increased substantially.

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5, strengthen the source of supervision, the implementation of the main responsibility

Detachment of police forces in-depth area of ?? "two off a dangerous goods" enterprises to carry out safety inspections, strict safety inspection of vehicles and driver qualifications off, focusing on the enterprise's vehicle management system, security system, driver violations, GPS24 hours Dynamic monitoring and other circumstances for troubleshooting. On the discovery of existing problems, one by one registered in the book, and issued a "deadline for rectification of hidden dangers" require enterprises to rectify. At the same time, supervise the person in charge with the actual work of enterprises, strengthen day-to-day supervision and implementation of daily routine inspection system and GPS monitoring system, firmly prohibit "sick" vehicles on the road.

6, to step up publicity to create a strong atmosphere

Detachment at the toll booths, bus stations and other places, by hanging banners, distribution of promotional materials, display panels in the form of tips drivers slowing down, pay attention to safety. Publicize the safe driving knowledge in winter and enhance drivers' awareness of safe driving through radio channels and WeChat channels. Operate columns on television news media to cover major typical accident cases and educate the masses with the most intuitive and shocking traffic accidents to guide the masses Traffic participants conscientiously abide by traffic laws and regulations to effectively improve the pertinence and effectiveness of traffic safety publicity.

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