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Traffic Lights Precautions
Sep 07, 2015

● Take brakes at intersections and see through the traffic lights

Even if we are familiar with the rules of signal lights, we need to be careful when passing through intersections. Because the signal design of individual intersections is not reasonable enough to cause misuse, the editor himself has encountered similar situations. In all the way along the road, all the intersections are straight ahead. The left turn left is on the left. Suddenly there is a junction with the light on the left, and the headlights on the right. It's far from the green headlights. It is a straight light and it is too late when it is found wrong.

● Do not get too close to the intersection with traffic jams to avoid traffic lights

The sight behind the cart is not good to believe everyone knows, but many people hold the steering wheel. I believe that as the cart passes through the intersection, and it is still wondering when both sides of the vehicle are stopped, the headlights on the way to the center of the road have turned red. This situation will happen from time to time. Even if you have not been photographed by the probe, you will inevitably worry about it. Therefore, when you pass through the intersection behind the cart, you should keep the distance as much as possible, and you should always be able to see the state of the signal light if possible. This is the safest way.

● Turn right at some intersections to exit the main road ahead of schedule. The main road must not turn right.

Congestion has become the biggest problem in urban transportation. To ease this situation, many new roads have changed in design. For example, some roads require right-turn vehicles to enter the auxiliary road ahead of schedule, and the main road vehicles can only go straight. Although the design is reasonable, such roads are not popular. People are accustomed to some difficulties. When they come to the intersection, they find that they cannot turn right. Time delays also waste energy.

Solution: In this case, the driver is required to observe the signs on the road and make a choice in advance.

● Bus lanes to see the passage time

With the current vigorous development of public transportation, many roads are provided with bus lanes. However, there are a wide variety of bus lanes, some of which prohibit the passage of social vehicles throughout the day, some are limited in time, and travel time is varied. We need special attention. Bus lanes are usually separated by yellow dashed lines, and bus-specific words appear on the ground of the lane.

If it is a bus lane that restricts social vehicles in different time intervals, it will be marked on the ground and on both sides of the road at regular intervals. However, the insurance point says that if it is difficult to distinguish the specific time limit, it will not enter this The safest lane.

● Look ahead and follow the lane

Generally, each lane will have an arrow indicating before the intersection. The vehicle must enter the corresponding lane according to the traffic direction. If the lane is temporarily changed, it is not only unsafe, but also affects the speed of the rear vehicle. Therefore, it is important to prepare in advance. .

Usually, there will be a lane-dividing signboard in front of the intersection for a few hundred meters. Making a corresponding selection in advance can avoid the transition of the intersection. In addition to the situations mentioned above, there are still many situations in the actual road where people are not able to get a clue, but in any case, carefully observing the road prompts is the top priority, and it is also a good idea to refer to the selection of other vehicles in the surrounding area. These two situations still can not help you solve the problem. Don't take chances. It's better to walk around and save money from your pocket.

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