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Traffic Lights
Apr 30, 2014


Sensing control

Induction control is to set the vehicle detector at the entrance of the intersection. The traffic signal timing scheme is calculated by the computer or intelligent signal controller and can be changed at any time according to the traffic information detected by the detector. The basic way of inductive control is inductive control of a single intersection, referred to as single-point control of induction control. Single-point sensor control with the detector settings can be divided into different types of semi-induction control and induction control.

Adaptive Control

Considering the traffic system as an uncertain system, we can continuously measure its status, such as traffic flow, parking number, delay time, queue length, etc., gradually understand and grasp the objects, compare them with the dynamic characteristics of hope, and use the difference Changing the system's adjustable parameters or creating a control ensures that the control effect is optimal or sub-optimally controlled regardless of the environment.

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Follow the rules


Must walk in the sidewalk, no sidewalks, to walk by the side;

Crossing the carriageway, take the pedestrian crossing.

Not allowed to cross, rely on crossings barrier.

Are not allowed on the road, car, car chase, forbidding or patrol car.

When crossing the road, no more than two people per row are permitted. Children's queue must be on the sidewalk.


Take public electricity, the car must be in the platform or designated locations in order to wait for the car to park, first after the last.

Not allowed to greet the taxi on the roadway.

Do not carry inflammable, explosive and other dangerous goods by bus, power plant, taxi and coach.

Motor vehicles are not allowed to extend any part of the body out of the car, are not allowed to jump car.

When riding a freight motor vehicle, are not allowed to stand, are not allowed to sit on the car barrier board.

Bicycle tricycle

Slow down before turning, look back, hand gestures, are not allowed to suddenly Meng Shui.

When passing steep slopes, crossing more than four motor vehicle lanes or failing in the way, they must alight from the bus.

Do not allow both hands to leave, climbing other vehicles or holding hands.

No towing or towing by other vehicles.

Do not allow each other in parallel, chasing each other or twists and turns racing.

Riding tricycles are not allowed in parallel.

People under the age of 16 are not permitted to drive an animal vehicle on the road.

Children under the age of 12 are not permitted to ride bicycles, tricycles, push and pull rickshaws on the road.

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Semaphore rules

Article 1 These Rules are formulated to strengthen urban traffic management, facilitate transportation and transport, and maintain traffic safety so as to meet the needs of national economic construction.

Article 2 All organs, armed forces, groups, enterprises, school personnel, vehicle drivers, citizens and all personnel who temporarily transit to and from the cities must abide by these rules and obey the command of traffic police.

Article 3 The vehicle managers and passengers of the agencies, the armed forces, the organizations, enterprises, schools and other departments shall not compel or condone the driver to violate these Rules.

Article 4 In the event of failure to be stipulated in these rules, vehicles and pedestrians must pass without prejudice to traffic safety.

Article V vehicles driving, driving, riding livestock, must be on the right side of the road.

Article 6 Without the consent of the local public security bureau, it is forbidden to occupy sidewalks, roadways or other activities that obstruct traffic.

Article 7 The crossroads between the railway and the street shall be equipped with safety facilities such as guardrails.

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