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Traffic Lights
Apr 23, 2014


Motor traffic lights and non-motorized traffic lights

Motor vehicle signal light is a set of lights composed of three unpatterned circular units in red, yellow and green to guide the passage of motor vehicles.

Non-motorized traffic lights are a set of lights consisting of three circular units in red, yellow, and green with a bicycle pattern to guide non-motorized vehicles.

When the green light is on, vehicles are allowed to pass, but vehicles turning around shall not interfere with the passing vehicles and pedestrians being released.

When the yellow light is on, the vehicle that has passed the stop line can continue to pass.

When the red light is on, no traffic is allowed.

In the absence of non-motorized traffic lights and crosswalk lights junctions, non-motor vehicles and pedestrians should be in accordance with motor vehicle traffic lights instructions.

When the red light is on, the right-turning vehicle can pass without impeding the release of vehicles and pedestrians.

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Crosswalk lights

A set of lights consisting of a red pedestrian standing pattern and a green pedestrian walking pattern guide pedestrian traffic.

When the green light is on, allow pedestrians to cross the pedestrian crossing.

When the red light is on, pedestrians are prohibited from entering the pedestrian crossing, but those who have entered the pedestrian crossing may continue to pass or wait at the centerline of the road.

Lane lights

A signal light composed of a fork pattern and an arrow pattern guides the vehicles in this lane to follow the directions.

When the green arrow light is on, allow this lane vehicle to pass the direction.

When the red fork light or arrow light is on, it is forbidden to drive in this lane.

Direction indicator light

The direction indicator light is a group of lights with three arrow patterns in red, yellow and green, which are used to guide the vehicle to move in the direction indicated.

Arrow direction to the left, up, right, respectively, said the left, straight, turn right.

Flashing warning lights for the flashing yellow light, suggesting vehicles, pedestrians pays attention to look through, to confirm the safety after the passage.

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Road and railroad plane crossing lights

Roads and railways Plane crossing lights are two or one red beacons located at the intersection of roads and railways to guide vehicles and pedestrians.

When two red lights flash alternately or one red light is on, it indicates that vehicles and pedestrians are forbidden to pass. When the red lights go out, vehicles and pedestrians are allowed to pass through.

Signal light source

LED (Light Emitting Diode) is a new type of light source developed and manufactured with low power consumption (current is only 10 ~ 20mA), high brightness (light intensity up to tens of thousands of mcd), small size (diameter of up to 3mm), weight Light (a light-emitting diode weighs only a few grams), long life (average life expectancy 100,000 hours) and so on. Is now gradually replace incandescent, low-voltage tungsten halogen lamp production of road traffic lights.

Control Method

Can be divided into timing control, sensing control, adaptive control.

Timing control

Intersection traffic signal control machine according to the pre-set timing program operation, also known as periodic control. One day using only a timing program called single-stage timing control; one day according to different periods of traffic using several timing programs called multi-stage timing control.

The most basic control method is the timing control of a single intersection. Line control, surface control are also available timing control, also known as static line control system, static surface control system.

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