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Traffic Signals Lights
Jun 21, 2013

Traffic lights, also known as traffic lights, are light color signals that are interactively exchanged at prescribed times and are usually set at intersections or other special locations

Traffic light introduction

Road traffic lights are a type of traffic safety products. They are an important tool for strengthening road traffic management, reducing traffic accidents, improving road use efficiency and improving traffic conditions. It is suitable for intersection such as cross and T-shape. It is controlled by road traffic signal controller to instruct vehicles and pedestrians to walk safely and orderly.

The main types of traffic lights are: traffic lights, pedestrian crossing lights (traffic lights), non-motor lane lights, direction indicator lights, mobile traffic lights, solar flash warning lights, toll booth ceiling lights.

Traffic lights are an important part of traffic signal command and are the basic language of road traffic. Traffic lights by the red light (forbidden), green light (that allows traffic), yellow light (for warning). Divided into: motor vehicle lights, non-motor vehicle lights, pedestrian crossing lights, lane lights, direction indicator lights, flashing warning lights, road and rail crossings crossing signal lights. Widely used in highway intersections, corners, bridges and other dangerous hidden danger sections, command drivers or pedestrian traffic, to promote smooth traffic and avoid traffic accidents and accidents.

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Traffic police detachment requirements, the traffic police brigade to strictly implement the road traffic safety laws, regulations, rules and related technical standards on the traffic monitoring equipment law enforcement forensics requirements, the traffic violation of the evidence is not required to strictly examine and verify, for evidence of salvage Distress, traffic signal inconsistency and other circumstances, shall not be entered into the road traffic violations information system; has been recorded in the system of traffic violations, to improve the objection to accept, verify, deal with work practices, to minimize law enforcement disputes.

According to the relevant person in charge of traffic police detachment introduction, the town traffic police brigade in the areas where conditions permit, it is necessary to actively promote the addition of auxiliary lights and signal countdown device at the junction to facilitate drivers in driving timely observation and identification of traffic lights, tips, and guide the safety of drivers Through the intersection. To strengthen traffic control at the junction and law enforcement management, non-motorized vehicles and pedestrians red traffic violations, we must step up education, discouragement at the same time be punished according to law.

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Traffic safety knowledge - traffic lights

"People's Republic of China Road Traffic Safety Law Enforcement Regulations," the relevant provisions:

Traffic signal lights are divided into: traffic lights, non-motor traffic lights, pedestrian crossing lights, lane lights, direction indicator lights, flashing warning lights, road and rail crossings crossing signal lights. Article 51 Where a motor vehicle passes an intersection under the control of traffic lights, it shall pass the following provisions:

(A) at the intersection marked with a guide lane, enter the guide lane in the desired direction of travel;

(2) Let the motorized vehicles that are already in the intersection precede the roundabout;

(C) when turning left, turn left on the intersection of the center. Turns the turn signal while turning, turns on the low beam light at night;

(D) in case of release signal, followed by;

(E) case stop signal, followed by stop outside the stop line. Did not stop the line, stop outside the junction;

(F) turn right turn in case of the same lane in front of the car is waiting for the release signal, followed by parking waiting;

(G) At intersections where there is no directional signal, the turning motor vehicles make straight-ahead vehicles and pedestrians first. The right turn vehicle driving in the opposite direction makes the left turn vehicle first.

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