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Traffic Light Duration Setting
Jun 30, 2015

Traffic lights mainly specify the length of the traffic light based on traffic congestion, but how exactly is this data measured?

    The duration of traffic lights is determined by the amount of traffic passing through the intersection, and different intersections are generally different. The calculation process is more complicated. The first data that must be available is the expected traffic flow or the current traffic flow and entrance path setting form from the traffic investigation. The so-called traffic flow is the number of vehicles going in each direction for each hour of each entrance lane. The entrance road setting refers to the number of straight lanes, right-turn lanes, right-right lanes, and left-turn lanes for an entrance. Two concepts should be followed before calculating

    1. Saturation flow rate: Under a given condition, the saturation flow rate of a certain vehicle flow or several trains of traffic flowing through the intersection in saturated state per unit time is calculated by multiplying the basic saturation flow rate by a large number of correction coefficients.

    2. Lane group: The distribution of traffic flow among the alternative import lanes will tend to be a state of equilibrium, so that the traffic load levels of each alternative entrance lane are very close. Thus, these alternative import lanes constitute a form of lane combination, customarily referred to as a lane group. In general, all the straight lanes and the straight right-turning, left-turning left-turning combined lanes constitute a lane group; while the left-turning dedicated lanes and the right-turning dedicated lanes independently form a lane group.

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