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Traffic Light Control System Types
Aug 22, 2013

   Traffic signal controller is an important command and management system for urban traffic control and regulation. It carries the important task of maintaining traffic order in urban roads and alleviating traffic jams.

Under the situation that the traditional traffic light scheme can not solve the problem of urban traffic jam, the intelligent signal controller is providing more scientific solutions for solving future traffic congestion.

     In order to understand the development status and trend of traffic signal control system, we interviewed Liu Xueying, product manager of Shenzhen Bo Yuan Traffic Facilities Co., Ltd. He introduced us to the historical development and technology trend of traffic signal control system.

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First, traffic signal control system status quo

1, traffic signal controller product status

   Traffic signal controller is through the control of traffic lights to achieve the purpose of controlling the traffic control system. It is generally composed of power module, CPU control section, lamp group driving section, signal failure detection section, panel operation (some controllers have no panel control) and other components. Generally, it is installed at intersections and must be adapted to various outdoor complex environments such as high temperature High humidity, hot and cold air circulation, electromagnetic interference, surge impact, and so bad weather conditions. Traffic signal control machine in accordance with the control mode classification, can be divided into five types: ① single-point segment timing signal; ② single-point adaptive signal machine; ③ single-point networking debugging signal; ④ focus coordination type machine; ⑤ pedestrian crossing trigger Signaling machine. In accordance with the power supply mode to points can be divided into three types: ① mains supply (AC220V / AC110V) signal; ② solar DC signal (wired / wireless transmission); ③ solar mains complementary signal. At present, the level of production of signal controller in our country varies greatly, there are well-done high-end state-owned enterprises, there are many low-end private enterprises. Among the dozens of domestic signal system manufacturers, those who can stand out are naturally high-tech enterprises with independent intellectual property rights. Most of them are located in coastal cities such as Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shenzhen Greenway, Shenzhen Bo Yuan, Shanghai Baokang, Beijing Yi Hua recorded, Jerry Zhejiang, Fama technology.

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2, traffic singnal cotroller product application status and trends From the current market trends to see the signal machine needs, large and medium-sized cities on the centralized coordination and pedestrian crossing signal controller request more, while small cities in the bidding process requirements Focus on coordinated signal, but in practice it is used as a single point of signal. Corresponding to sunny but power supply inconvenience areas, solar power signal generator will also become a hot spot. For foreign markets, handy and convenient police manual function is a hot demand. Affected by the high-speed rail incident, the test standard makes mandatory requirements for the hardware green collision detection function of the traffic signal controller. Recently discussed in the news about the pedestrian crossing time is very hot, involving the people-oriented theme of traffic design process, traffic signal controller in the domestic pedestrian crossing function will become the hottest. Most of the domestic junctions with countdown timer, the traditional countdown are learning-based, learning process has black screen time, during which drivers will give misleading or friends think the countdown is broken, so there are communication countdown interface traffic signal control An inevitable trend of device design.

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