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Traffic Light Led
Jun 28, 2013

Article 38 Motor vehicle semaphores and non-motorized semaphores indicate:

(A) when the green light is on, vehicles are allowed to pass, but vehicles turning around shall not obstruct the direct vehicles and pedestrians being released from passing;

(B) When the yellow light is on, vehicles that have crossed the stop line can continue to operate;

(C) the red light, the ban on vehicles.

In the absence of non-motorized traffic lights and crosswalk lights at the junction, non-motor vehicles and pedestrians should be in accordance with the motor vehicle traffic signal said.

When the red light is on, the right-turning vehicle can pass without impeding the release of vehicles and pedestrians.

Article 40 Lane lights indicate:

(A) When the green arrow light is on, permit the traffic lane vehicle to pass the direction;

(B) the red fork lights or arrow lights, the prohibition of traffic lane vehicles.

Motor vehicle drivers should pay attention to the difference between lane lights and vehicle traffic lights, lane lights in the signal below the arrow, the vehicle lights are not.

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Article 52 In addition to complying with the provisions of Article 51 (2) and (3), an automobile shall pass the following intersections not controlled by traffic lights nor under the command of traffic policemen:

(A) a traffic signs, marking control, let the priority of the party first;

(B) No traffic signs, marking control, stop before entering the intersection of hope, so that the first car to the road ahead;

(C) turning motor vehicles to go straight ahead of the vehicle;

(D) the right turn of the vehicle driving in the opposite direction left the car ahead of the turn.

Traffic lights traffic safety common sense

At busy intersections, there are three traffic lights in red, yellow and green on all four sides or on the center post. Vehicle drivers and pedestrians are able to obtain information on the accessibility and accessibility of the lights from the three lights so as to ensure smooth traffic flow and safety at the junction.

Traffic lights, in fact, by the red, yellow, green three lights. It is divided into "vehicle lights" and "pedestrian lights" two. The "Vehicle Signal Light" directs the vehicle to travel through five variations of red, yellow and green three-color lights. The "pedestrian signal light" directs pedestrians across the roadway through three changes of the red and green three-color lights.

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Vehicle traffic lights are prohibited from passing when the red light is on; traffic lights from right to right are allowed to pass without prejudice to the normal passage of pedestrians and other vehicles.

Traffic lights are permitted when the vehicle's traffic light is green; lane-changing vehicles are also permitted without prejudice to the passage of direct vehicles and pedestrians.

When the vehicle signal light flashes green, the signal light is about to be converted to a yellow light. This means that vehicles that have approached the "stop line" or pedestrian crossing can continue to pass through the intersection. Vehicles that are far away from the stop line and the cross-line should slow down.

When the vehicle's signal light is on, the vehicle must stop at the intersection stop line and the pedestrian crossing, and vehicles that have exceeded the stop line and the crossing line can continue to pass.

The yellow light flashes the vehicle traffic light, which is a signal that warns the vehicle of safety. Vehicles should be careful of vehicles and pedestrians passing the intersection.

When the pedestrian signal light is on, pedestrians are prohibited from crossing the road, and pedestrians must wait on the sidewalk. When the pedestrian traffic light is green, pedestrians are allowed to pass through the pedestrian crossing. When the pedestrian traffic light flashes green, pedestrians are not allowed to enter the pedestrian crossing again; pedestrians who have been in the pedestrian crossing should speed up the pace of passage through the road.

Traffic lights are one of the most important traffic management facilities. Complying with the signal regulations and obeying the signal command are the basic traffic behaviors that drivers, cyclists and pedestrians must make. Free to break through the "red light" in case of stop signal beyond the stop line or chaos through the streets, are violations of traffic regulations of bad behavior, we must resolutely stop.

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