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The Road Traffic Markings
Jun 24, 2015

The road traffic markings are mainly set on the road surface, are subject to the sun, rain, snow and ice, and are subject to the impact abrasion of vehicles. Therefore, their performance is strictly required. Firstly, it requires short drying time and simple operation to reduce traffic disturbances. Second, it requires strong reflection ability, bright colors, strong reflection, and good visibility during the day and night. Third, it should have skid resistance and wear resistance. To ensure traffic safety and service life.

Road construction, road marking in the plant area, factory parking lot, underground garage dash, school road dash, life area dash, and other construction projects are divided into cold paint scribing and hot melt scribing.

The use of special road special cold paint, artificial spraying, uniform thickness, clear color. Including parking spaces, yellow line areas for bans, channel lines, diversions, guide arrows, etc.

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Preformed reticle is a type of molding produced in the factory, cut into standard widths, with self-adhesive. Convenient construction of new track marking products. Its advantages are:

1. Adhesive type anti-cursor tapes are made of polymer materials. The back of the material is glued and coated, and the touch surface is coated with a layer of non-polluting road surface. And sticky glue.

2. No spraying machine, hot melt machine, glued directly on the ground, immediately opened to traffic, convenient for construction in the field, durable, neat edges of the marking lines, convenient for drawing and cutting, and the average cost of long-term use is lower than that of all marking paints. price. Highway 1 and 2 highways, urban roads, parking lots, airports, ports, stadiums, stadiums, factories, hotels, and parking lots are all suitable.

3. Retro-reflective performance bands, glass beads spread on the surface of the strips, nighttime headlights illuminate, and the surface wears several months after opening. The microbeads in the substrate are reflected back to the lights at night, and the surface wears for several months after the opening of the vehicle. Microspheres in the substrate continue to reflect light.

4. Pattern marking works best. Standard tape is complete: commonly used (m) 0.4*14 (white). 0.15*12, (white) 0.10*12, 0.15*10 (yellow)

5. Arrows, texts, patterns, and signs can be good for indoor arrows. Pasting on the road can shorten the construction time, speed up traffic, and reduce traffic congestion.

6. Durable, non-slip, resistant to melting, wear resistance, weather resistance, impact resistance, cold resistance, heat resistance are all used in China.

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