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The Prospects Of Spikes:
Jan 30, 2013

With the rapid development of highway construction, it is more and more extensive in the application of the traffic road,which also brings a good prospect to the spike industry.

In the 12th five period, our country continue to promote the national highway network, the highway the national regional development strategy determine, metropolitan area, large and medium-sized city groups, Shu Gang Expressway, and inter-provincial highway construction,  which speeds up the transformation and construction important highways Channel expansion. With 5 years to build the national highway network 35,000 km, the national highway network built by 2015. The traffic mileage reached 83,000 km, covering more than 500,000 people in the city. The local highway network built about 30,000 km with 5 years, including the new start 12,000 km. By 2015, the country two network expressway totally up to mileage of about 140,000 km.

The spike like this protruding road sign, as a traffic safety facility, is mainly installed in the middle of the road marking line or double yellow line, which is through its reverse reflection performance to remind the driver to drive by lane. Thus, the general application of spike has brought a very good prospect to the development of the nail industry.

solar road studs .jpg

The color of solar spike :

The solar spike is a solar panel for the charging components, batteries or capacitors for energy storage components, using led light or combining with passive ladder. Its visual effect is better than the ordinary spike. According to the different energy storage, the components can be divided into the solar spike (battery) and solar spike (capacitance).

Due to different color and voltage of the Led, it can be divided into two categories. One is red and yellow, the other is white, blue, green and so on.

glass road stud.jpg

 The installation method of spike;

1. Put and install the safe isolation facilities, which is so important. I hope all of you must not ignore, but also in the entire dynamic construction process, all of you should be in the security facilities whether it is a new road or has been open road. For example, in the construction of roads in the opening, the proportion of security personnel with the installation staff should be 1: 1. The proportion of the safety personnel to the installer shall be 1: 3. Zmxx004

2. Determine the installation location and ensure that the installation position is flat. You should flatten the road for the expansion, cracks and uneven road in advance.

3. Clean the installation position with a brush and ensure that the installation location is dry.

4. With appropriate amount of glue, it is evenly applied to the spike.

5. Tighten the spike in the installation position to ensure that the direction is correct. If the glue is more, you will be sure to clean up.

6. If it is cast aluminum with spike, you should ensure that the hole depth is greater than the depth of 1cm foot and the hole diameter is greater than the diameter of 2mm.

7. After the installation of the spike is completed, you should do a tour within two hours to ensure that all the spikes did not install anti, installed crooked or pressure crooked.

8. After it was cured four hours, you should remove the installation of isolation facilities.

led road studs.jpg

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