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The Principle And Analysis Of RFID Automatic Induction Parking Lock
Dec 12, 2012

The overview of parking lock

In the modern society, the parking spaces are increasingly busy. It is a headache how to avoid the private parking spaces being seized by others. Recently, a new type of parking lock not only solves effectively the problem, but also plays a role in anti-theft vehicles, which is loved by the owners. The special parking lock can effectively and politely prevent other vehicles from occupying it. When the car arrives near the parking spaces, opening the parking lock will let the car park into the parking places; when the car left, locking the parking lock can prevent other vehicles occupying the parking spaces; if the car is parked to the behind of the parking spaces, and you lock the parking lock, which can play a vehicle anti-theft effect. At the same time it can increase the management of the parking lock, the parking lot can enhance and is convenient with the management of parking lot.

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In accordance with the control mode, the parking lock can be divided into the manual parking lock, the remote parking lock and the automatic sensor parking lock. The manual parking lock can be opened or closed by a dedicated key; The remote parking lock can control the rise or landing of parking lock within 20 meters range through the handheld wireless remote control; The automatic sensor parking lock is divided into the radio frequency sensor and the Bluetooth Automatic induction. When the car of the owner is distanced within 20 meters from the parking lock, the parking lock will automatically unlock and land; when the car of the owner is away from within 20 meters, the parking lock will automatically raise and lock.

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