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The Life Problems Of Solar Sign.
Nov 22, 2012

Factors that affect the life of solar panels:

(1) Signage material:

    Now road traffic signs are made of aluminum. Due to the high value of recycling, lawless elements steal traffic signs as a way to make money. The small flag of Guangdong Province is stolen more than 60% a year. The value of solar sign is higher than that of ordinary signpost, so we should consider the anti-theft problem of solar sign.

    According to the idea of "no business recovery value", it make the theft elements have no any profit. At present, the domestic transportation industry has done a lot of useful exploration for new alternative materials. Molded glass fiber reinforced plastic has strong adhesion to reflective film, strong wind resistance, aging resistance and low cost. It is an ideal and mature sign plate Anti - theft materials.

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(2) the life of solar panels

    Solar cells directly convert the energy of light into the device through the photoelectric effect or photochemical effects. Silicon series of solar cell power generation is currently the most mature. The advantages and disadvantages of solar cells, its life depends mainly on the silicon. At present, silicon by the material of the crystallization category is generally divided into three kinds: monocrystalline silicon, polysilicon and amorphous silicon. The photoelectric conversion efficiency of monocrystalline silicon is highest, mass production efficiency can reach fifteen percent. It occupys dominate in large-scale applications and industrial production, and the price is a little high. Polysilicon and amorphous silicon efficiency is only about ten percent. In contrast, the cost of amorphous silicon is lowest, and low light effect is good. But the amorphous silicon photoelectric efficiency decay fast, and the stability is not high, so the outdoor transportation products should be the main choice of monocrystalline silicon solar cells. A large number of experimental data show that: the life of monocrystalline silicon battery can up to beyond 15 years, and its photoelectric conversion efficiency can still reach the initial eighty five percent after 15 years.

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(3) The life of LED

LED, as a new type of light source, have been more and more widely used in various fields. However the reason is nothing more than the following: Firstly, it has Long life. In terms of the LED chip that is the current various regionals and manufacturers of various brands, its’ most long working hours generally reach more than 10 years, and work continuously. Secondly, it has a feature of energy saving. The electro-optical energy conversion rate of it is five to eight times the average incandescent lamp. Getting the same light brightness can save more than 60% power.

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(4) The life of battery

   The design principles of solar energy pruduct are to store for backup, after making the light energy convert into electric energy. In the absence of sunlight, it continues the power from the energy storage equipment.  The equipment of energy storage currently has three main categories: battery energy storage, capacitor energy storage and inductive energy storage. The battery storage capacity is used relatively widely because of large capacity, small size, low cost and other advantages. As a solar sign, it is suitable for battery storage. Storage battery, that is to say, is battery, which is divided into internal materials, such as lead-acid batteries, nickel-metal hydride batteries, lithium batteries and other categories. The batteries that meet the traffic environment are nickel-hydrogen and lithium, because they are superior to lead-acid batteries in terms of high and low temperature characteristics, volume to volume ratio, environmental protection and longevity. If the capacity is to maintain 60% lead-acid battery cycle in about 400 times, nickel-metal hydride batteries in about 500 times, lithium in about 600. Here the so-called cycle number refers to the full red battery full, full as a cycle. In fact, solar signs need to consider the rainy days factor. The battery is charged  when is in the release of 1/5 power most of the time. This shallow charge of the floating charge state of work can greatly extend the life of battery. Even so, the life of solar panels is only about 4 years if it adopts conventional lithium to use normally.

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