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The Introduction Of The Solar Road Stud
Jan 12, 2012

Solar road stud (solar road stud or solar road marker) is a kind of spike. It is designed along the road pavement, which is used for night or rain and fog weather in order to indicate the direction of road forward. It is made of the reverse reflection material, shell, solar panels, LED and control device components, with active light and passive reflective performance of the visual induction facilities, which usually combine with the same line to use.

The features of the solar road stud.

solar marker road stud.jpg

1. Luminous brightness

Reflex brightness of ordinary reflective stud only has 300-400 MCD, however luminous brightness of solar stud can up to beyond 2000 MCD which is the former 6-7 times. High-intensity light can wear rain and rain at night and guide the direction for the driver safely and effectively.

2. Active light, dynamic warning

The solar spike flickers at certain frequency in the evening, and the human visual is more sensitive to the change, so its dynamic warning is very strong. To the extent, active light can not only avoid the interference of rain and fog, but also be out of the dependence on the car lights, and visual distance is farther, the effect is better.

Solar stud plays a rather important role in the rain and fog weather and in the corners of the road contour lines, as well as in inducing the driver's line of sight so that eliminate the security risks aspect.

3.The background of the solar road stud

The focus of highway construction is gradually to the mountain area and economic development.

Compared with the lagging mountainous area, the mountainous expressway, the wind speed is affected by the mountain valley, which is more obvious. The average wind speed is only 1.2 m / s, humid climatic conditions coupled with the lush vegetation environment, so the road often appears fog. And because the highway is usually a long distance, especially many highways will be through the rural areas and mountains, which is to make that the situation of the highway is relatively complex. Fog distribution is often very uneven, sometimes in a section of the line of sight is quite clear, and in another section of the fog will fill. As this situation usually occurs at night, high-speed vehicles suddenly enter into the fog area, and then the driver will feel the visual suddenly dark. However some drivers can not adapt to sudden changes in vision, it will produce a sense of panic, which easily cause traffic accident.

highway marker light solar-road-stud.png

4.The work principle of road stud

Solar panels absorb sunlight during the day, and the solar energy is changed into electricity.                                    It is stored in the energy storage device (battery or capacitor). The energy stored in the energy storage device is automatically converted into light energy in the evening (through the photoelectric switch control). Through the LED light, we can outline the road contour in order to induce the driver line of sight.

In accordance with the installation of different locations, solar spike can be divided into embedded and protruding.

The former of it is generally used in the center line, however the latter is generally used for the edge line. This is because the solar spikes installing in the midline of the compression performance requirements are particularly high. In order to solve this problem, we had to embed the solar nail into the ground, showing the ground only about 5 mm. However, solar spikes used in the edge of the line on the compression performance requirements are not particularly high, protruding the ground is still able to work effectively.

Solar spike in accordance with the different energy storage components can be divided into capacitive and battery-type, the former life can up to five to seven years, the latter's life is generally ranging from one year to three years.

Because the embedded solar spike is very harmful to the road, and the cost of the capacitive solar spike is too high, so the most widely used is still raised battery solar spike.


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