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The High-speed Rail In Beijing-Shanghai Will Be In Advance To 350 Kilometers Per Hour Before And After The National Day
Jan 06, 2012

The reporters recently learned from the multi-channel that the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail will be the first speed, the maximum speed is improved to 350 km before and after the National Day in 2017. At present, China Railway Corporation has completed the demonstration of high-speed rail speed, which is jointing multi-sector to speed up the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail to prepare for debugging. The reporters asked the General Propaganda Department of it, and the other side said that there is temporarily no news that can be announced.

The total number of Chinese people close to the total iron told reporters that the speed EMU involved in the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail on the opening of the "harmony" and "revival number." After the speed is completed, the high-speed rail in Beijing-Shanghai is with the shortest G1 train. The consuming of whole time is shortened to about 4 hours from the current 4 hours 49 minutes, the rest of the stop more traffic trips will also be shortened 40-50 minutes, the whole can be controlled in about 5 hours.

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The China Railway Communication Signal Co., Ltd. told reporters that the preparation of the commission before the speed involved in tracks, vehicles and signals and so on. The China is mainly responsible for debugging communication signals. He said that the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail operates with 300 kilometers per hour from the date of operation. The communication signal has not yet been subject to higher speed test, the signal debugging work is quite heavy.

On June 7, 2016, the Chief Engineer He Huawu of China Railway told reporters that it is reasonable that the China's high-speed rail is currently the highest speed of 300 km, whether the maximum speed is stored to 350 km or not, which is subject to be fully demonstrated before the implementation.He Huawu said that in terms of technology and security, it is no problem that China's high-speed rail reached 350 km per hour. At present, the maximum speed is limited within 300 km, the main iron is mainly based on operating costs and maintenance costs to consider. If the current maximum speed is to 350 km, the operating costs of EMU will increase, which will produce a series of problems, so you should be careful whether speed and when to speed up.

I hope that China's high-speed rail restored the sound of speed, which was never ended and even more obvious after entering into 2016. On June 3, 2016, the president Xi Jinping, when visited the national "second five" scientific and technological innovation achievement, asked whether China's high-speed rail is a condition or not to fully recover 350 km per hour speed?

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