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The Features Of Solar Traffic Signs Products
Nov 28, 2012

1、The solar traffic sign is a kind of traffic sign, which consists of the mark surface, the logo floor, the solar panel, the controller, the light emitting unit (LED). It transmits the warning, the prohibition and the instruction information to the driver and the pedestrian with text and pattern in order to manage the safety of road traffic. During the day, the  solar panels absorbs sunlight so that it will convert soalr energy into light energy. And then it will storge. At light, the light energy in the energy storage device will be converted into light energy (controlled by photoelectric switch). It is emitted by the LED to outline the contours of the pattern to convey the traffic information. The solar energy is absorbed into the solar energy in the daytime. It provides road users with the exact road traffic information to convey traffic information, which makes the road be safe and smooth. As for the safety of life and property of drivers and pedestrians, it is an indispensable traffic safety ancillary facilities.

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2、With the construction of highway gradually improved in the plains, hilly areas and provinces and cities more economically developed areas, the focus of highway construction is gradually transferring to the mountain area and the lagging mountains that the economic development is relatively backward. However the highways on mountain and wind speed, by the impact of the mountain valley, is more significant. The average wind speed of it is only 1.2 m/s. Humid and rainy climatic conditions coupled with the lush vegetation environment, so the road will appear the fog. And for the highway is usually a long distance, especially many highways through rural areas and mountains, which makes the situation of the highway is relatively complex. The distribution of fog is often very uneven. Sometimes in a section of the line of sight is quite clear. But in another section of the fog is filled. As the situation usually occurs at night, and high-speed vehicles suddenly drive into the fog area.  The driver will feel that the visual suddenly become dark, and some drivers can not adapt to the sudden changes of vision so that it will produce a sense of panic, which easily lead to traffic accident.

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