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Yantian Beautiful Traffic First
May 16, 2013

Liang Yu, Qiao Xiaoyan suggested that as soon as possible to build Meisha Area traffic tourism distribution center. During the holidays, the Dameisha area is regarded as a large scenic area. Most vehicles are only allowed to be distributed in the distribution center and then diverted from the distribution center to each core through slow-moving systems such as bicycles, walking tracks, sightseeing vehicles and dedicated circular buses Scenic area, thereby reducing the Meisha area within the vehicle, improve environmental comfort within the Area. For Meisha Area hotel businesses such as customer convenience issues, it is recommended to implement the vehicle into the appointment.

Zhang Qiliang, Qiao Xiaoyan suggested to space to space, cable car exploration, give full play to the regional three-dimensional space and regional characteristics advantages. Explore the environmental air travel transport programs, the establishment of microcirculation PRT monorail, etc., and even consider the establishment of low-altitude flights in the Meisha area travel mode.

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Wang Xue believes that the reason traffic in the east will be blocked during the holidays in summer and the distribution of recreational tourism resources in Shenzhen will be unbalanced. Next, Shenzhen should develop more places for people to relax in the west and north without going to the holidays To the east crowded. In addition, Yantian have a better project, so that people who come to stay in Yantian consumption.

Mei Chunlei proposed to increase investment in east-west traffic and build more channels so that vehicles going to Huizhou and Dayawan do not need to go through Yantian.

In an effective way to port traffic

Most of the containers in Yantian Port are transported in and out by container trucks. Therefore, problems such as traffic congestion at the rear of the land caused by land transport in the area affect the production and living in the area. To solve this contradiction, the government has taken many measures and will invest more than 4 billion yuan to build a trailer service center capable of accommodating 2,000 container trucks. On how to solve the traffic in Hong Kong City, members have also expressed their opinions.

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Mei Chunlei proposed to relocate the yard, Shenzhen can jointly build the outer area around the yard, the relocation of the yard, the truck driver will follow.

Wang Xue believes that the eastern and western port areas make great contributions to the economic development of Shenzhen. However, with the rapid development of ports and cities, the contradictions between the two cities have become more and more prominent. The city of Hong Kong should be prosperous and the city should be prosperous. Next, the entire port traffic and port development must move in the direction of the harmonious development of Hong Kong City and Port. We should improve the structure of ports and their distribution, reduce land transport and increase waterways and railways. The government should guide the empty container yard to leave Yantian and go to the hinterland of supply. Yantian Port traffic congestion problem, to treat the symptoms can be long-term, to explore win-win side can fall. Yantian what is the status quo? Give the empty container yard, giving more and more favorable conditions for the trailer driver, so that the yard parking costs are low, thus accumulating a large number of empty boxes. There are more than 8,000 container trucks living and living in Yantian, bringing parking problems, drivers' living problems and family life problems.

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